Bob Crow Branch nominates Sean Hoyle for General Secretary

April 17, 2019

The Bob Crow Branch overwhelmingly backed Sean Hoyle for General Secretary tonight at our branch meeting.


Both Sean and Mick Cash spoke well and were a credit to our union, but ultimately, it was Sean’s passion and vision for the future that won the vote.


Sean stated


  1. His history within the union and roles on the NEC and as President. That the RMT was not the same as other unions such as Unite and that our NEC and our was run by the members..
  2. Affiliation: Did not believe in Affiliation to the Labour Party and discussed people like Sadiq Khan in London was not representing workers. He believed that the only people that can save us is ourselves and being kicked by our own so called party was unacceptable and hurt more. He wanted to see more MPs removed from our parliamentary group
  3. Community: He wanted to defend people in their communities and mobilise the workers and the RMT become a progressive voice for social change as we had in the past.
  4. Equality: Wanted to see more activity from all areas of our union and a voice for all. He was against tokenism but our union was doing something wrong and we needed a will to change things rather than accept the status quo. He stated his aim to make the union more inclusive.
  5. Legacy:  he wanted to remove the philosophy that the General Secretary runs the union and make it the vision that we the members run the union. A union back to being visible and known
  6. Legal: Wanted a situation where union reps are not turned down for representation to 0%  and all members get represented should we have a case.
  7. He wanted a fighting fund to help us win our disputes such as DOO
  8. On branch matters he would attend regularly and that he would support our goals and would remain accountable, visible and approacable.

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