Bob Crow. True Legend.

February 9, 2016

There’s so much to say about Bob it could fill a book and still leave enough for a second volume and probably more. As the Union’s lawyers it was a pleasure to work with somebody with such a sharp mind who always seemed to be several steps ahead of the employers or whoever we were dealing with. He was such a great listener and always asked exactly the right questions.

Stories and memories abound from his evidence at the Leveson Inquiry which had the Judge and a court full of hard-nosed QCs listening to his every word and laughing with him to his speech at the International Brigades event including some great lines on Bob’s uncle taking his dog to negotiating meetings.

One very fond memory of Bob was on a TU delegation to Palestine. It was Bob’s first time visiting Palestine. After a long day where the delegation had hardly stopped for anything to eat or drink and listened to some truly heart wrenching stories from people living in Palestine, everyone was desperate for a drink and a bit of a chill. On getting back to the hotel Bob spotted the bar which had a fridge full of beer. He went straight up the barman and ordered the whole fridge of beer offering it amongst the delegation in Bob’s generous way. He then drank 3 bottles without them touching the side, before telling the barman that this was one of the best beers he had tasted on his travels. With great delight, the barman turned to Bob and said he was the first visitor to have made such a comment, given it was non-alcoholic beer!! Bob’s face was a picture, but quick as a flash he shot off to his room and came back with a bottle of whisky saying “now let the party begin”. What a legend!

Rest in Piece Bob. There will never be another one like you.

Doug Christie/Andy Hutson, Thompsons

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