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August 20, 2020

COVID-19 related issues


Area Comments
Track and Signals Tier 2: General discussions on a full return to work and continued safe practices.

·         Risk Assessments are either done or in process.

·         Looking at sharing best practice around areas.

·         Looking at fire doors being automatically released in the event of a fire (trial being undertaken) so that they can be left open for Covid-19 ventilation.

·         Vehicle access and social isolation being looked at.

·         SOO waivers being investigate as to what has been changed and why no consultation.

·         Still problems on the MET such as petrol payment and issues with annual leave and looking at best practice across all areas. Still very quiet.

·         LUOH RA are poor and needs TU involvement and telling people to return to work asap. Very poor quality health survey

·         Need to look at accommodation for full return of staff to accommodate social distancing.

·         Asked to amend times for start times at Stratford to avoid peak travel (approx. 7am to 9am)

·         Zoono paper reports that it is not effective was raised and denied by LUL. Our view is we see this as part of a safe system of work plus we need a better system for tracking the work done.

·         Vehicle shielding being trialled at Baker Street and details to be shared.

·         Joint meeting with Trains Safety Council to discuss Cab Access.

Signals Incident General discussions on a full return to work and continued safe practices.

·         Work TO scheme agreement ready for sign off by Simon Milburn.

·         DSIMs back at work, need to chase up.

·         Need to get the JNP reps invited to Covid Updates ref SMD.

·         Train Cab access process just being agreed and let train side know what we need for safe access. More help from the train reps would be useful

·         JNP signals still waiting for the return of the risk assessments. DSIMs happy to work closely together and ignore 2m social distancing

·         Stopping of fuel payments

·         Training concerns that there was excessive travel as the managers was not obtaining joining instructions near where people work. Courses to be arranged as best as possible to be near where staff are living.

Track Projects Move back to full restart however now lack of management consultation on issues. This is being dealt with.

Looking at workshop return.

Furloughed staff to all be returned by September. 4 staff flagged as RED

LUBE returning to a 23:00 start and can socially distance.

Track Workshops to return 5 days a week due to increase in work

LUL Track Not all staff did reduced days and some areas now struggling to complete all work


Running smoothly and not being asked to move to a full return.

Bloo ‘Q’ Grades looking to be returned for 5 days.


Meeting took place with D Weir stated it was contractual and the workplace safe (Perspex etc). We have requested the risk assessments for those grades.

R&E/ TLL & Stations Little happening and no change


·         Vast majority of staff furloughed with no sign of any return to station upgrade work being restarted


Stations & Civils General discussions on a full return to work and continued safe practices. COVID bolt on to define essential and non-essential work. Certain works now going ahead and have the support of local managers in going forward.

Awaiting for management to agree new COMMs roster, slow progress


TAC Portal was implemented without discussions and looks like it is to stay and aimed at doing away with  team leaders. Still to be discussed with the RMT. No training and woolly instructions on NEPA. Zero communications with the senior management, only via bulletins. Issue was challenged and was told this was to deal with COVID however, this has been expanded now to also include exclusion areas etc. End users also need to pursue this issue. 7 ON and 7 OFF system working well as is the back up location and will continue for another few months. T&S Tier 2 and Safety Forum has had the issue on its agenda and that the RO and Staff side sec will chase them up.
Apprentices Will all be given jobs and will be given the opportunity to complete the apprenticeship. Some retention issues in R&E being resolved. Apprenticeship being extended through to next April to complete the apprenticeship.


Concerns regarding the safe return of apprentices into the work place. Talks meant to be occurring at local level. Issue of MET line being dealt with and already raised. Rep has approached both the MET Signals and the Apprentice unit. Talks have occurred on the District Signals.

TLL Signals General discussions on a full return to work and continued safe practices. Issues with BAME risk assessments and Works TOs in incident. No significant change. Bi-weekly meetings with S Milburn. No push to reopen depots but still maintaining single cover. Issue of so called guidance released at Signal Works dealt with and explained not for the present date and was guidance for the start of the covid crisis for potential ideas on safe working.

Also issues with social working at most depots and especially certain depots which has led to an eIRF and refusal to work being lodged. Staff not distancing and wearing masks. Management refusing to do leadership and take control of the situation. Issues at SMD regarding the above and lack of union representation. Inspection being undertaken tonight. Simon Milburn to put out company guidance against complacency.

Still issues getting wall mounted hand sanitisers at all locations. Need to show that other staff are attending to get it installed (via Risk Assessment). Need to collate best practice.

Tampers and ETOs Returned to normal from the 24th August 2020.
TLL Escalator Maintenance Work returned to normal. Face fitted masks etc
Annual Leave LUL company policy still refusing to the carryover of up to 20 days leave.


‘The carry over arrangements announced by Government recently, state that employees may carry forward up to four weeks’ holiday where it is not reasonably practicable for them to take it in the annual leave year due to effects of COVID-19. This does not mean that there is an automatic entitlement to carry forward 20 days’ leave (or some other amount of leave of the employee’s choosing).


The Government guidance sets out the relevant factors which should be taken into account when determining whether or not it is reasonably practicable for leave to be taken in the current leave year. These reasons focus on where there is such pressure/demand within the business requiring employees to work that it is not possible for leave to be taken by those employees. It is envisaged in such cases that the employer would tell the employees that they cannot take their leave.’


Covid Risk Assessments Incident and District Line completed. General depot one have been done.


All Risk Assessments need to be checked for new staff returning that was shielding. Talked about a phased return to work. Concerns that staff are only deemed vulnerable if over 70%. People should really not be at work if vulnerable. Needs to look at how we approach this issue. First question needs to be that LUOH have not done their job properly and we will review and put something out ourselves. Important to be aware that despite restrictions being lifted for shielding does not mean that people have had their restrictions lifted.

LUOH not taking into account how people have to travel to work which could potentially mean that they are vulnerable.


LUL BAME Risk Assessments People need to aware that these should be carried out and that the use of central communications was not appropriate and that we need to move to a more local approach. The onus should be away from the individuals and the RMT had major concerns regarding how LUL was looking into this issue. LUL are calling an emergency meeting however, it was a waste of time. Rep has sent out documents but their starting point risk assessment was for White Finger Vibration issue which was disgusting.

Lack of awareness in some areas and being pursued at higher levels.

Glasses Concerns that glasses were misting up with the face masks. LUL is looking special products that can be used.


Some demisting solution has been trialled but unsuccessful

Minimum Numbers in the Van Concerns ref minimum numbers and the need to maintaining 2m distance. Company have issued new guidance ref Tier 2 and we are rejecting this out of order.
Training restart Looking at phasing course start times, all agreed but joining instructions not updated
Thermal Monitoring of staff Should not be to do away with other protections and at the start and not in place of PPE. If high temp then staff go home. Need to progress pay for non-permanent staff. Branch position generally in favour.
LUL BAME Risk Assessments Meetings No further meetings and LUL attitude is disgusting. They have done nothing.


Only 1 meeting occurred and then nothing. Action: chase J Leach

Local Lock Downs Bro Jackson raised the issue of local lock downs such as Leicester and whether there is any discussions or planning.


Not a great response from LUL and no plan in place. No real guidance has been forthcoming. No firm commitment.

Ventilation Issue with air recycled systems and where it is dispelled. It is felt most depots are probably ok but our reps need to raise during their risk assessments.
Balfour Beatty More staff unfurloughed and redeployment.

Looking at restart and job moves. Wish to use thermal camera as above.

Cubic Concerns that RA’s aren’t available
Self Employed/ Protection Very hard times. LUL changing protection arrangement hours and very little work. Issue raised with LUL and they stated that they would not implement. This has not been implemented.


Hardship Fund now over £5000.


·         Look at ways of communication actioned.


Branch Exec Produce PPE Guidelines, work in progress
  Obtain Face Masks

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