Engineering Train Operator Talks Collapse

January 23, 2017

Following months of intensive talks with Tube Lines Management that have been productive and have nearly reached a conclusion, the main sticking point has been that they wish Engineering Train Operators (ETOs) to carry out shunting duties. It is our position that we will not undermine the conditions of these group of workers and have refused this proposal.

However, during talks, we have offered compromises that include increasing numbers on the Shunters roster so that there are the correct staff available when required to shunt trains. We have also stated that ETOs will work as instructed by shunters and move trains on various roads in the depot outside of the workshops.

Our members have a growing belief that local Transplant Managers are trying to sabotage any agreement by talking down any alternative solution. They have been given what they want, albeit in a different way, yet it is still never enough.

We therefore see no alternative but to ask our NEC to put on more action over this issue and refer the matter to Acas

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