Incident Response in Traffic Hours

May 4, 2016

The following LU HSE bulletin clarifies the protection arrangements during traffic hour incident response for both track safety certificated staff and operational procedures training (OPT) competent staff (e.g. DRM’s).


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HSE Bulletin 11 in 2016 is being issued to reconfirm the existing protection arrangements.  Please read below:


   HSE Bulletin 11 in 2016

   Incident Response in Traffic Hours

Date of issue: 03 May 2016                            Date of expiry: On-going





Following a recent incident, this Bulletin is being issued to reconfirm the existing protection arrangements.





Protection Arrangements


A Protection Master (Person in charge of Workers on Track – Traffic Hours)  (PWT-TH) can provide protection for any person who holds a minimum of a valid ‘safety on the track’ certificate, and who is either part of the team that the PWT-TH is protecting or is someone joining that team. The PWT will check that each of the team members hold a valid ‘safety on the track’ certificate as per Rule Book 20 Section 5.1. Only staff working under the PWT-TH are covered by the Safe System of Work (SSoW) that has been set up.


Operational Procedures Training (OPT) allows those that have successfully completed this training to protect themselves (but not others) while on the track. Those dealing with operational incidents who hold OPT competences, are not protected by a PWT-TH within the PWT-TH SSoW, when accessing the track and working on the track. OPT procedures are part of the LU Competence Management System.


When passing through a PWT’s Area


When a person dealing with an operational incident needs to pass through an area where a PWT-TH protected group is working, they must seek permission from the PWT-TH before they pass through the work site. If that person then needs to be protected under the safe system of work set up by the PWT-TH, then agreement must be given by the PWT-TH, and will only be given if the individual holds a valid ’safety on the track’ certification.

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