London Underground Pay 2019

November 16, 2019
That we note the full and final offer from the company was discussed at an all LU Reps meeting last Thursday.
The unanimous view of the reps meeting was to reject the offer as aspects proposed by the company such as years 2 & 4 of the 4 year offer which are 1.4% respectively un-linked to RPI is an attempt by LU to offload the significant risk of hyperinflation following the Governments mis-handling of Brexit; onto our members.
Progress made by the Lead Officer and our Negotiations Team albeit a starting 1hr reduction off of the working week (35hrs to 34hrs) by the end of the 4 years; is a framework that is enabling the beginning of an unprecedented move from a 35hr week down to a 32hr 4 day week in line with our unions progressive policy to be further pursued.
Whist we will not let go of the progress made by our Negotiation’s Team on the Shorter Working Week; neither will we subject our members to the companies plan to put them at risk of a potential significant pay cut.
This union does not gamble with our members livelihoods!
Without question the only feasible way to provide a resolution to this dispute is for the London Mayor to fund a substantially improved new offer which necessitates him putting more new money on the negotiations table.
Other aspects of our original pay claim not addressed in the company’s offer such as the removal of the CSA2 by upgrading to CSA1 were also raised.
Accordingly; we instruct the General Secretary to provide all assistance in preparing a ballot matrix for a ballot of the entirety of our London Underground membership for a ballot for Industrial Action; which is to be completed with a target for the strike ballot ready to go by the end of November.

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