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May 16, 2018

Cleshars & Morsons Protection Master Report LUL Contract:


Over the last year, we have been carrying out an intensive recruitment drive regarding Morsons and Cleshars Protection Masters. This has included grades such as Protection Master, Possession Masters and Train Masters. These staff currently work on the London Underground contract and provide safe access to the track and implement possessions to enable London Underground staff or project work to be undertaken. These members of staff are almost entirely self employed  and are vulnerable workers. At our last mass meeting with them, we have now elected three reps and are organising training for them. We believe that our membership is nearly 100%


We have also approached LUL, Morsons and Cleshars and have arranged a meeting with all three companies in two weeks time, with the RMT.


We have a number of outstanding issues that we are working through such as:


  1. Regular monthly meetings to occur with Trade Union. This has been agreed and will take place monthly
  2. Treating our people with dignity and respect. Which has been agreed (at Mark Wide level) and we are working at ways to implement this. Part of this will be a dress code for members (to put an end to the need to wear full PPE at their depot meetings etc) and workshops on behaviours
  3. A clear role/ descriptions of EWS: To be discussed at our next meeting
  4. Ending culture of short notification to work that night: Agreed by the company
  5. Planning Meetings: Some meeting times are not achievable e.g Bollo lane, barking T.O and some depot possession jobs. The meeting times is 23:00hr,the briefing times for these jobs is 22:30: The client is committed to ensuring the planning meeting times are accesible and realistic.
  6. Depot Parking: LUL are endeavouring to ensure that where parking is available then Protection Staff are treated equally and allowed to park
  7. Transformation: LUL have assured us that there will be no impacts on Assessments and Investigations for our protection members. This will be explored in detail in two weeks.
  8. A fair investigation process (compliance and the framework contract): LUL have agreed to work with us on this and investigations have been much more quickly. We have also secured the reinstatement of 3 members today that will recommence work back on LUL within the next few days (in one case after 2 years).
  9. Roster for staff: A roster will be introduced to ensure fair allocation of work and overseen at our meetings (with LUL, Cleshars and Morsons).
  10. Staff Progression: Is difficult due to a downturn of work but will be discussed at our future meetings
  11. More Flexible Working:  Difficult to fully implement due to mainly engineering work, but there is a commitment to explore who this can be implemented and will be discussed at our regular meetings. for example to enable parents or carers a greater choice.
  12. Manual Handling: A project to get a cage in the car park, where heavier items will be stored permanently
  13. Health and Safety: Staff to be provided with Tea, coffee, water, cups immediately. Also, Fire wardens, first Aider (available)and defibrillator to be made available. Issue to be discussed more fully


We have also raised the issue of pay with all companies and believe that it is time that our members received better pay and conditions and a greater bonus for working bank holidays as per other internal staff.


We therefore request that:

  1. A formal pay claim is submitted to both Morsons and Cleshars

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