LUL Transformation Update

July 3, 2019

Dear ALL,   The closing date for the Transformation Ballot is Tuesday 16th July.   It is very important that everyone has a vote and uses it as there are legal thresholds to achieve.   Therefore please vote YES for strike action.   This is a vitally important dispute that affects many people on LUL …

RMT Credit Union

July 3, 2019

The RMT Credit Union is a mutually beneficial savings and loan organisation which offers ethical savings and loans to its members.   The key to the RMT Credit Union is ‘keeping it simple’. You must save a minimum of £5 per month with us. You can then after a short time borrow from us. As …


July 3, 2019

The Voting papers are now out for the RMT General Secretary Position.   Please use your vote and please VOTE ‘1’ for Sean Hoyle    

Outsourced Workers’ Fight for Fairness, 17 July

July 3, 2019

Out with Outsourcing: Outsourced Workers’ Fight for Fairness, 17 July As you know, RMT is stepping up its campaigning against outsourcing on the railways. Right across the network and on London Underground, RMT is taking on the fight for pay justice and making the case for bringing workers back in house. We are also showing …

LUL Pay Talks referred to ACAS

July 3, 2019

The RMT and LUL will be meeting to discuss the pay offer at ACAS on the 10th July.   Your union has rejected the inadequate pay offer already as it failed to reach the aspirations of our members or deal with wider elements such as a reduced working week.   Please see the rejected offer …

LUL Protection Staff

July 3, 2019

Protection Services members that work under Cleshar and Morsons have returned an overwhelming and massive mandate to their union to push forward with their campaign for a fair pay rate.   In a new 100% mandate for action, they have sent a clear message to London Underground that they will not tolerate the status quo …

Your Branch is supporting Sean Hoyle for General Secretary

June 1, 2019

Your branch is supporting Sean Hoyle in the election for the RMT General Secretary because:   We believe he will unify our union   We believe he will be YOUR democratic voice   We believe he will fight for our jobs, our rights and our conditions   We believe he will be the voice of …