RMT Contribution Rates

November 15, 2014

Please see attached the RMT contribution rates for 2015  

Thales Redundancies

November 14, 2014

Dear ALL   The first meeting took place today and your reps will be going through the proposals on Wednesday next week. The key points to remember from is that we will be looking in detail and intend to come up with alternatives to save the jobs of our members. This is very early in the …

End Violence Against Women Poster

November 14, 2014

Dear Colleagues   Please find an End to Violence Against Women Poster  

Tube Lines Passes and Pensions

November 13, 2014

Dear ALL   Talks have been taking place over the last few months regarding the TUPE of all remaining Tube Lines employees back into LUL and giving them identical travel and pension rights to existing LUL staff. Talks have been difficult and extensive, however, we are awaiting a final draft agreement from management that we …

Thales Job Losses

November 13, 2014

Dear Colleague   The RMT are meeting Thales Senior Management at 0930 Friday 14th November to discuss proposed job losses.   To be clear, we will do our job & make sure you are represented strongly and fully. Once we have full details, we will be holding meetings with our members to keep you fully …


November 10, 2014

Dear ALL   The RMT is holding an election for the position of Council of Executive Member for the LT Region. It is really import that people vote in any election, and this one in particular.   More information about John can be found at https://www.luengineeringrmt.co.uk/causes/john-reid-for-lt-executive/   A branch leaflet for John is below: John …


November 10, 2014

Dear ALL   The LUEngineering Branch now updates to twitter   Follow us at www.twitter.com/luengineering