LUL T&S Minutes

October 7, 2014

Dear ALL   Please find attached that July 2014 Track and Signals Functional Council Minutes for LUL   Track and Signals Functional Council Minutes 1 July 2014  

CPD Bonus

October 7, 2014

Dear ALL,   Please find attached the CPD Christmas Bonus that was discussed at the Track and Signals Functional   Christmas Bonus

Tube Strike

October 7, 2014

RMT confirms 48 hours of strike action on London Underground in fight over jobs and services   TUBE UNION RMT today confirmed 48 hours of strike action on London Underground later this month in the continuing fight against the Mayor’s onslaught on jobs, working conditions, safety and the threat to services including the wholesale closure …

Solidarity: West Syrian Kurds

October 6, 2014

Below is an emergency resolution for discussion at our branch meeting on Tuesday 7th October. Come along and help discuss the matter.   LU Engineering/London Transport Regional Council Resolution (proposed and for discussion) Solidarity with the West Syrian Kurds Under Sustained Attack from Islamic State ISIS Since 15th September ISIS has intensified its attacks against …

ISS Finger Printing

October 6, 2014

USE OF FINGERPRINTING TO BOOK ON –ISS (LONDON UNDERGROUND) (BR1/27/2)   Further to my previous Circular No. IR/246/14, 19th September, members voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking industrial action. Following this result, extensive talks have taken place under the auspices of ACAS and we are now in a position that allows our locked out members …

LUL Disciplinary

October 6, 2014

DISCIPLINARY – LONDON UNDERGROUND (LUL/4/4)   Further to my previous circular dated 14th August 2014 (IR/208/14) the GGC had considered a resolution from Central Line East Branch over the use of CCTV in a disciplinary case. Despite using CCTV evidence against the member, this evidence was not made available to her rep in order to …

LUL PCC Election (Pension)

September 26, 2014

My Ref: MRP 2/5 26th September 2014 Circular Num: NP/190 /14 To: All LT Branches and Members Dear Colleagues, IMPORTANT INFORMATION:TfL PENSIONS CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE (PCC) ELECTIONS TfL Pension Fund members will soon receive a Ballot Paper asking them to vote for candidates in the Section Three (LUL & Tube Lines employees) PCC election. Two vacancies …