Protection Masters Dispute

November 28, 2019

Further to our last update, the RMT executive is now reviewing plans to name dates for action across the London Underground Network.


The RMT have been made aware of potential plans to change the way workers are paid and the contract handled.


This would mean one supplier and staff being paid for the role that they undertake.


Variations of this theme have been circulated before and we have addressed them all with LUL. Suffice to say that the RMT maintains two principles.


We believe that there should only be one employer, that is London Underground. These people should be brought in-house and receive the same travel and pension rights as existing staff.


We will not accept a cut in conditions and demand a pay increase for our members and we are willing to fight for that.


It has also been brought to our attention that due to recent case law that the possibility exists that these staff may  have employee status with London Underground or Morsons/ Cleshars.


We intend to examine that issue further

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