Rail Travel Concessions (Priv)

August 16, 2016



Further to my Circular No IR/213/14 dated the 21st August 2014 with regards to the trial changes to the rail staff travel concessions and in relation to the union’s approach to ATOC requesting an RMT representative to be an active participant at the trial evaluation during September 2015. Regrettably, ATOC responded by saying that they are unwilling to include a Union Representative and that the evaluation was a matter for individual TOCs.

As you are aware, it is union policy to pursue parity and improvements in staff travel arrangements for all staff working within our industry. Therefore, the union sought to explore all possible avenues with individual TOCs to ensure the trial arrangement was implemented permanently. I have received responses from some of the TOCs indicating that because it is an ATOC led trial and that the arrangement was extended again during September 2016 there was still no requirement for the union to get involved.

Following on from the above, I can now advise you that I have received a further response from ATOC advising that ‘the fare on which a Priv fare is calculated was expanded to include day and period walk-up off-peak fares (including super off-peak fares) for an initial one year trial period and was extended in September 2015. This arrangement has been extended for a further year and will now run up to September 2017.’

In accordance with the above, I would be most grateful if you could bring this matter to the attention of your members and I will, of course, keep you fully advised on any further developments.


Best wishes.

Mick Cash

General Secretary

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