RMT Contribution Rates

October 5, 2017

RMT Contribution Rates


In 2014, following a successful AGM resolution, the union introduced a reduced contribution rate to encourage organisation and provide support for members within low paid sectors of the industry.


Upon its introduction the union conducted an exercise with full time officers to identify those members who met the qualifying criteria based on their basic rate of pay. Whilst this was by and large successful some members fell through the net and were subsequently given the opportunity to contact the union to adjust their contribution rate and claim any overpayments.


At this years AGM a further successful resolution drew attention to a number of members who may still be paying incorrect contributions and instructed the union to initiate a further exercise  to resolve such problems in line with the unions rules.


As a result we are now initiating a further campaign to encourage those members who  may be paying an incorrect contribution rate to contact the union and not only correct their contribution level but to also claim any refund.  The refund will be calculated from commencement date of the rule change , 1st January 2014 or the date of joining which ever is applicable.


Adverts encouraging members to apply will soon appear in the RMT News. Once members have contacted the union they will be sent a claim form for completion and return. They will also be asked to provide proof of earnings, normally a payslip or  tax return. Once this has been returned and processed eligible  members will receive a refund for any overpayments either by  Bacs Transfer or cheque. Corrections will be made to the deduction for those members paying by direct debit and employers advised to make the adjustment for those on paybill deductions.


It is important to note that all applications must be received by HO no later than 31 January 2018.


If branches or regional councils are aware of any groups of members who may be paying incorrect rates then they should provide full details to HO in order that these can be investigated by the Regional Organiser.


Just to clarify the low rate contribution applies to members who are paid a basic rate below £21,100 per annum. The correct contribution rate for these members is  £2.05 per week. Members paying above this level may be due a refund.


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