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August 22, 2018

The LUEngineering Branch recently discussed the role of the banks in destroying the world economy through their greed and then have the cheek to blame working people for the crisis they caused.


Years of austerity followed where they not only blamed us but also tried to convince us of OUR need to pay for their incompetence through years of austerity.


However did you know that the RMT runs a not for profit scheme where workers can band together in a member led cooperative to financially support each other.


This is run by your union and if you want to tell the bankers to go ‘f*ck themselves’ then find out more below:






Comments from your branch included


‘I don’t want my money going to bloody bankers’


‘Why wouldn’t I want any profits used to support fellow workers rather than bonuses for those that are against us’


‘Its about us working together to support us’


‘The majority of senior officers of the branch are in the credit union already’


‘We need to do more to publicise the scheme because it is good’

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