Spycops public inquiry finally starts

November 5, 2020
After a five and a half year delay, the public inquiry into the abuses carried out by the UK’s undercover political police has finally started. 
The Blacklist Support Group plus the three unions in the inquiry; UNITE, FBU and NUM will be making their opening statements on Friday 6th November. Watch all the union strand opening statements via this link: https://www.ucpi.org.uk/hearing/opening-statements-5/
10:00 AM
James Scobie QC (Core Participants represented by Paul Heron)
12:15 PM
Ruth Brander (Non-Police, Non-State Core Participant Group)
2:00 PM
Lord Hendy QC (Fire Brigades Union and Unite [Category E Core Participants])
3:45 PM
Gareth Pierce (National Union of Mineworkers [Category E Core Participant])
4:15 PM
Dave Smith (Blacklist Support Group [Category E Core Participant])
Some of the press coverage so far:

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