TfL Transformation Update

May 10, 2018



We met with the management yesterday (9th May) and discussed a range of issues.


The main topics we discussed were when results would be known, VS, SAE, development plans, targeted development plans, staff comms & the Resource Planning Tool.


We talked about the number of assessments that have been scored and input into the database. We also talked about your concerns over when people will find out whether or not they have been successful. The management said they had approximately 300 assessments to score and input, which they expected to be completed by the end of next week. I did ask for a comms to be sent out to staff to let them know that.


As yet we don’t know what a “targeted development plan” looks like and neither does the management. I have asked them to work on what a hypothetical plan would contain. This is going to be different to a development plan where someone just missed passing the assessment. We need to see an example of what a targeted plan would look like so we can find the problems before the plans become live. We also clarified what people on targeted development plans would do whilst on the plan. We asked for this to be made clear in the next comms. We asked about the process as this doesn’t fall under any current policy/process and we want to make sure that staff are treated fairly and that the right of appeal is there. I asked that if someone goes on a plan they know which role they would be going into at the end of the plan if they were successful. Management said they would look at this.


We asked if people who fell just short of passing would be able to ask for VS. The management confirmed that people in this group wouldn’t get VS. Then we asked about staff who get a role they didn’t preference at all. The management said they will look at this.


We talked about when SAE would be used and said that it would also need to be used at the end of the targeted development plan if someone had failed the plan because that member of staff may be able to find a role elsewhere in TfL/LUL.

We talked about the Resource Planning Tool. This is still being tested but we are hoping to see demonstration of it soon.

We asked about seeing the Transition Plan and also an updated CAP.



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