Tube Lines Pay, Night Tube and Pensions Dispute

October 23, 2016

As you know, talks with LUL and Tube Lines have been ongoing for several years regarding the issue of Pay, Night Tube and Pensions.

All these three issues have become intertwined and we have been trying to settle each dispute and come to a complete agreement for all three issues.

The dynamics are clear as it seems likely that Night Tube will be fully running on the Piccadilly Line soon meaning that an agreement with the RMT is now essential for its full implementation. This in reality would mean a move from Monday to Friday Rosters to Sunday to Thursday in all Tube Lines affected areas. We recognise that some areas have already changed roster (such as track) and we believe that the driver behind this was indeed night tube even if this is denied. We have been clear that any settlement for Night Tube would need to see all staff having the right to be entered into the TfL Pension Scheme should they choose. We also believe that there are people that simply cannot change their shift patterns and we are seeking guarantees that these people are not adversely affected and we are looking at alternatives such as flexible working and potential transfers to LUL equivalent vacancies on LUL terms and conditions.

We believe that the self funding element of providing pensions is met not only by any potential efficiencies from issues such as new technology but also from the savings achieved from the ending of the Amey Management Contract and the money that that will release. Therefore, we do not see any impediment to agreement that will allow as early as possible entry into the TfL Fund.

The expectation is that LUL could then implement the four year pay deal salary increases that have long been agreed and staff can be given their back pay that they have waited far too long to have. This, we believe, could be completed before the Christmas Pay Packet or very early next year should full agreement be reached.

To that end, your union, is pushing LUL and its Tube Lines Management to finally and fully reach settlement with us and we have requested release of all Tube Lines Representatives to come to Unity House to fully discuss this matter on the 4th November. If we do not reach a solution and agreement then we will be deciding what Industrial Action will be needed to conclude this matter.

For further details or clarifications please email [email protected]

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