Unrelated Work in a Specified Area

May 5, 2016

The following LU HSE bulletin has been issued regarding unrelated work in a specified area.


HSE Bulletin 12 in 2016 Unrelated work in a Specified Area Date of issue: 04 May 2016 ______________________________________________________________________


A Formal Investigation has been commissioned to look at a number of Protection Irregularities in Possessions and Specified Areas. An early finding has highlighted that ‘unrelated work’ has occurred in ‘specified areas’, which does not meet the criteria as set out in Rule Book 16.


Unrelated work is unplanned work, which takes place at any location described in the published specified area within which an engineers train is working, and is work unrelated to the work for which the engineers train is required.

Rule Book 16, Section 16.1 states that unrelated work can only be permitted within a specified area when it is an emergency, which is critical to the operation of traffic the next day.

Unrelated work in a specified area is not permitted if:

• an engineer’s train is scheduled to uncouple in the course of work

• there is more than one engineer’s train working in the specified area

Day to day maintenance activities, including track patrolling, should have been planned in advance and therefore will not be allowed emergency access.

Click here for Rule Book 16: http://onespace.tfl.gov.uk/lu_/OSSRB/Rule%20Book%202013%20reprint/Rule%20Book%2016%20- %20Going%20on%20the%20track%20in%20Engineering%20Hours%20-%20Issue%204%20- %20Effective%203rd%20April%202016.pdf

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