Update on the Section 15 Dispute

November 8, 2016

 Update on the Section 15 Dispute

Section 15 possessions are now a thing of the past. This is because over last year or so, local RMT H&S reps have successfully negotiated with LU management to completely withdraw Section 15  and replaced it with a Possession Code of Practice to work in all possessions on London Underground.

Final discussions on a new way of taking possessions in Engineering Hours are in the final steps of allowing LU to introduce this new, safer possession.

The RMT have also been involved in the rewriting of Possession Rule Books 14 & 15 and once agreed, the new rule books will be introduced sometime in the New Year.

Let’s be clear of what has happened of the past year, in regards to the section 15 dispute, LU management have been forced to listen and work with the RMT on this serious matter. This was not for political gain, not for financial gain, but for the safety and welfare of not only the RMT members but the safety of all people that work on the track.

Your strength and perseverance and our determination to make a safe working environment, we believe, will significantly address the issues that caused this dispute and we truly believe that someone would have been killed if we had not taken action. The fight for your safety continues and we must not drop our guard.

Unity is Strength



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