Victims of Covid-19

April 10, 2020

Our branch and our union have been touched by so many people becoming unwell and dying of Covid-19. We have now seen several members of our branch succumb to this terrible illness and we send our heartfelt condolances to their friends and families.


It is times like this that we need to draw together and be unified as many of us feel the pain and worry of the world that we now live in. We not only remember those that have sadly passed away but also those that are now unwell, whether they are a key worker, a Prime Minister, a member of our family, etc  and we wish them all a speedy recovery.


We also are thrilled that one of our Senior Health and Safety Representatives is now almost recovered enough and will hopefully be set home today. He spent over 2 weeks on life support and our hopes and prayers have been with him as it has been with all other victims of Covid-19.


To this end we salute and praise our marvellous Doctors, Nurses, Care Workers and everyone that makes our National Health Service function and we will continue to clap and support you every thursday throughout this pandemic and afterwards when this illness has subsided.

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