Why LUEngineering Branch decided against Affiliation to the Labour Party

April 11, 2018

Following several branch meetings to discuss the matter of whether to reaffiliate to the Labour Party, our Branch decided against.


We also decided to take part in the broader campaign to keep our political independence



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Here are others that agree


The Campaign to defend RMT’s political Strategy supporters include (Individuals in a personal capacity):

LU Engineering Branch

RMT Offshore Energy Branch

Wishaw and Motherwell Branch

Paul Shaw – NEC (Maritime North)

Paul Reilly – NEC (Midlands)

Andy Budds – NEC (Yorks & Lincs)

Del Marr – NEC (South East)

Mark Northard – NEC (Scotland)

Andy Littlechild – NEC (London Transport)

Gordon Martin – RO (Scotland & N. Ireland)

Jake Molloy – RO (Scotland)

Warwick Roberts – MerseyRail Guards Rep

David King – Newcastle Rail & Catering Br Sec and striking North Rail guard.

Michelle Rogers – Br sec Mans Sth & former NEC member

David Hainey – Br Sec (Wishaw and Motherwell)

Mike McCaig – Br sec Offshore Energy Br.

Joe Kirby – Asst Sec Offshore Energy Br

Paul Jackson – Br Sec LU Engineering Branch.

Les Harvey – LU Engineering Asst Sec

Lewis Peacock – LU Engineering Political Officer

Paul O’Brien – LU Engineering Chair & SGM del.

Carlos Barros – Piccadilly/District West Br President

Cat Cray – Political Officer LTRC

Glen Hart – LTRC Secretary & Chair BAEM Advisory Ctte

John Reid – Former NEC member and retired member.

Paul McDonald – Wimbledon Br Sec & Wessex Regional President

Ted Woodley – SGM delegate

Gary Harbord – SGM delegate

Jared Wood – SGM delegate

John Holmes—SGM delegate

Greg Hewitt – former NEC member

Conor Cheyne – Inverness Br & Young Member

Declan Ritchie – LT Region Asst Sec


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