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LUL Transformation Update

Dear ALL,


The closing date for the Transformation Ballot is Tuesday 16th July.


It is very important that everyone has a vote and uses it as there are legal thresholds to achieve.


Therefore please vote YES for strike action.


This is a vitally important dispute that affects many people on LUL .


This is about how we discuss Job losses in Operational Areas and is happening now.


Initially, LUL tried to force incorrect processes on our reps in the Transplant area and we resisted and had the matter stopped.


Now they are forcing their version of how they consult job losses throw and steamrollering over your agreements and protect.


As a reminder, the RMT have won agreements that:


  1. Protect you from losing your job through Compulsory Redundancy. This agreement sets how talks must be progressed
  2. Protect you from job losses that make your work place unsafe. This sets how job losses must be safety validated to ensure each and every one of us is safe at work. LUL are not following this process fully.
  3. Protects your rosters. Both Asset operations and Tube Lines areas have roster agreements that make sure any changes to rosters are agreed through negotiation. LUL are ignoring this.
  4. Protects your rights to how and which unions negotiate on your behalf. LUL are refusing to accept these agreements by allowing non-recognised trade unions access to these talks. The RMT have clearly stated that we will oppose bad changes and will not bow to any proposals that are not acceptable to our members.
  5. Refuse to accept that job losses are an issue for NEGOTIATION and not consultation. We will not allow them to TELL us our members are losing their jobs,

The answer is simple. Please VOTE ‘YES’ if you want to protect what rights your union has won for you over the years, or VOTE ‘NO’ if you agree with LUL


If you have not received a ballot paper, please call 0800 376 3706 for a replacement






RMT Credit Union

The RMT Credit Union is a mutually beneficial savings and loan organisation which offers ethical savings and loans to its members.


The key to the RMT Credit Union is ‘keeping it simple’. You must save a minimum of £5 per month with us. You can then after a short time borrow from us. As you pay down your loan amount each month, you only pay interest on the outstanding balance.

There are no hidden costs to saving and borrowing with the RMT Credit Union.


If you pay up early you simply pay the balance and any interest due at the time. NO Handling or Administration charges and NO penalty charges.


For more details see below and join today.



Click here to help us to help you

Outsourced Workers’ Fight for Fairness, 17 July

Out with Outsourcing: Outsourced Workers’ Fight for Fairness, 17 July
As you know, RMT is stepping up its campaigning against outsourcing on the railways. Right across the network and on London Underground, RMT is taking on the fight for pay justice and making the case for bringing workers back in house. We are also showing solidarity with outsourced workers in other industries.
On 17 July, I will be speaking at a campaign meeting in Parliament titled ‘Outsourced Workers Fight for Fairness’, organised by the Trade Union Coordinating Group, of which RMT is a supporter.
Alongside me will be Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Shadow Secretary of State for BEIS, Rebecca Long-Bailey, PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka and NAPO General Secretary Ian Lawrence, together with striking outsourced workers at BEIS.
The fight for justice for outsourced workers and for an end to outsourcing is escalating. I would encourage you to get involved and help make this rally a great staging post in our growing campaign. I would be grateful if you would bring this circular and the meeting to the attention of your members.
Outsourced Workers’ Fight for Fairness
Wednesday 17 July, 6-8pm
Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House (nearest Tube Station, Westminster)
I hope to see many of you there.
Yours sincerely,

LUL Pay Talks referred to ACAS

The RMT and LUL will be meeting to discuss the pay offer at ACAS on the 10th July.


Your union has rejected the inadequate pay offer already as it failed to reach the aspirations of our members or deal with wider elements such as a reduced working week.


Please see the rejected offer and we believe that LUL are hiding behind a mask of poverty due to the cuts on funding from the Conservative Government and the Labour Mayor. The truth is our members perform an amazing role keeping London working and we help create a huge amount of wealth for the country and LUL in particular.


We therefore want our issues addressed



Latest LUL Pay Offer

LUL Protection Staff

Protection Services members that work under Cleshar and Morsons have returned an overwhelming and massive mandate to their union to push forward with their campaign for a fair pay rate.


In a new 100% mandate for action, they have sent a clear message to London Underground that they will not tolerate the status quo any longer and demand wage dignity at work. This includes both the permanent members of staff and those that are self employed.


Formal meetings will now occur with our reps to discuss what action to take and we call on their employers to meet with the RMT to avoid the need for action.

Your Branch is supporting Sean Hoyle for General Secretary

Your branch is supporting Sean Hoyle in the election for the RMT General Secretary because:


We believe he will unify our union


We believe he will be YOUR democratic voice


We believe he will fight for our jobs, our rights and our conditions


We believe he will be the voice of all the union regardless of Race, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Disability or Age


We believe he will be a great voice for us all and will represent us in the Media with passion, humour and skill


We ask you to vote for Sean

Become an RMT Rep

The RMT are looking for reps across various areas where we currently have vacancies.


Union Reps: They represent you. They should listen to your views and make sure management hear and act on what our members want. They are here to help you if you have problems and if you get in trouble. Sometimes it will seem like the only friend you have is your union rep. So support them to support you


Health and Safety Reps: We come to work to earn money, not to go home in a body bag or hurt. Unionised work places are safer. We work together with companies and sometimes in conflict to make sure that our work places are safe. Your reps carry out inspections and investigations and regularly meet with companies to ensure it is safe at work


Union Learner Reps: We want everyone to fulfil their potential. That can be through pay and conditions but also through education. Union Learner Reps are here to help you through education. They can help you find courses and maybe get release from work and funding.


So if you want to make a difference then contact


[email protected] for more details

Balfour Beatty LUL Contract Pay Offer

We have received the below offer for members at Balfour Beatty on the LUL Contract.


PLATELAYER GRADE 210.322.510.58
PLATELAYER GRADE 210.322.510.58
PLATELAYER GRADE 310.203.4910.55
Stores operative10.252.910.55

We will be visiting our members on that contract over the next few weeks to obtain their views

Fighting the latest Transformation LUL

LUL have been forcing through large job cuts in Asset Operations and other areas that also include the Track Access Controllers and Learning and Skills development.


Additionally, we are also seeing a large scale attempt to privatise part of the work that is currently done by DSM at Acton and this is not acceptable to your union.


Despite requests to go to Acas and to follow our Agreements, LUL have refused to cooperate with the RMT.


These Agreements were made prior to the failed Privatisation of Tube Maintenance to Metronet and Tube Lines and enshrined how we negotiate any changes such as these and how we prove the proposals are Safe.


Not content with this attack on our ‘jobs for life deal’, LUL are now attacking our Roster Agreements for Metronet and Tube Lines, see below


CMO Roster Agreement Click Here



Tube Lines roster agreement Click here


We have demanded LUL stop these attacks and get round the table with your union in the agreed fashion and we have asked our NEC to ballot all of Tube Lines and LUL Signals for strike action and action short of strike.

RMT Circular 23rd May 2019

The following resolution has been received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-
“This branch notes the recent attack by drunk passengers on a member of night tube at T5 and the failure to attend by BTP. This is typical of termini stations where drunken passengers have to be woken to leave trains but not solely at termini stations.
We also note this is not the first incident of an attack on a lone working night tube member and is a sorry indictment of LU’s lack of protection and support for lone workers employed to work night tube only.
This branch calls on the National Executive Committee to declare a dispute of all night tube staff at T5 including night tube train operators unless the following is implemented:
1.    BTP presence on Friday and Saturday nights
2.    End lone working at T5
3.    No overcarrying of passengers into T5 sidings”.
This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the decision to arrange an urgent meeting of our Night Tube IR and H&S Representatives, Piccadilly & District West Branch Officers, the Lead Officer, Senior Assistant General Secretary and members of the NEC in attendance.
I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep Branches advised of all further developments.
The following resolution has been received from Neasden Branch:-
“This Branch, Neasden 1070 Branch abhors the recent decision by LUL to demote our member and our branch disability officer Adrian Morgan. Adrian is a Train Operator at Neasden Traincrew Depot, he has served LUL for 12 years and been a Train Operator on the Metropolitan Line since 2011 and had an unblemished record. We can show that Adrian has been treated differently to other Train Operators. We are disgusted at the harsh decision against Adrian and we want to start immediately to enter into dispute with LUL for the full reinstatement to the Train Operator grade.
Adrian was sent to a CDI following an incident in early November 2018 where a customer was caught in the doors as they were closing. The customer never complained about any incident or injury, in which it was reported by an anonymous person.
This is a daily hazard for all Train Operators in the course of their duty, the disciplinary panel were fully aware of Adrian’s personal issues that happened that evening and accepted these in the hearing. Adrian continued his duty to assist in not having further delays to the travelling public and put added pressure on his work colleagues.
There has been numerous comparator cases within LUL that was raised in the CDI hearing and namely on the Metropolitan Line, where these drivers have not faced any disciplinary action despite at least one that resulted in a serious injury to a customer that needed hospital treatment.
We strongly believe that Adrian has been treated differently for a number of reasons including fighting in the workplace to get his disability recognised by LUL for a number of years which was finally accepted once he was sent to a CDI.
Adrian’s decision to his CDI was received on 14th May 2019 which was to demote him to CSA2.
An appeal has been submitted and is due to be heard shortly and if the result is unsatisfactory from the appeal then LUL management must be made aware that we intend to defend our member and that we are prepared to escalate this dispute to do so”.
This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the decision to seek a report from the Lead Officer and to advise the company that we many well be in dispute if Brother Morgan is not re-instated at his appeal hearing.
I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep Branches advised of all further developments.
Further to my previous Circular (IR/539/18, 14th December 2018), the NEC took the decision to advise the Companies that we are in dispute over the pay and conditions of members working as Protection Masters, Train Masters and Possession Masters on the LU network. The Union has made several attempts to hold discussions with a view to improving their terms and conditions and specifically, increasing their unsatisfactory rate of pay but regrettably, these requests have not been successful.
This stagnation has resulted in a pay cut in real terms, and an erosion of members’ disposable income and living standards. It is time these members’ legitimate and justified claims for pay and conditions reflective of the work they do and in line with their London Underground colleagues is met.
The NEC has taken the decision to prepare a ballot matrix of all affected members employed by Morsons or Rift for industrial action in the form of a strike and to concurrently, over a 4 week balloting period, conduct a referendum of our self-employed members with a recommendation to withdraw their services.
I am currently acting in accordance with the above decision will keep Branches advised of all further developments.
The following resolution has been received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-
“This branch notes the draconian treatment our security guard members are suffering at the hands of the huge outsourcing company Interserve.
Enforced job losses, demotions, cuts in pay and hours and unsafe working practices is something this union will not tolerate.
This branch calls on the National Executive Committee to announce a formal dispute with Interserve and TfL and to prepare a ballot matrix of our Interserve members.
We also call on the Regional Organiser to arrange a series of meeting to consult our security grades to discuss the next steps.”
This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the decision to arrange an urgent meeting between our Interserve IR Representatives, Piccadilly & District West Branch Officers, the Lead Officer, Senior Assistant General Secretary and members of the NEC, to discuss the organisation of a ballot for industrial action.
I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep Branches advised of all further developments.
Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary