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tube cleaners are to get full sick pay

RMT welcomes news that privatised tube cleaners are to get full sick pay after union campaign
TUBE UNION RMT ‎today welcomed the news that tube cleaners in the front-line of the fight to contain the Coronavirus on London Underground are to get full sick pay after a campaign of union pressure.
General Secretary Mick Cash said;
“The union has been demanding that all privatised staff on the transport network get full sick pay in light of the Coronavirus outbreak and the news that tube cleaners working for ABM are to get just that is a welcome breakthrough others must now follow.
“Transport workers in all grades are being exposed to high levels of social contact across the board and the idea that any of these essential staff should be financially penalised if they are forced to self-isolate remains a scandal. They cannot opt to work from home and they come into contact with a damn site more people than you encounter on a visit to the pub. Transport bosses and the Government must recognise that fact.
“RMT wants all these services brought in house but the very least that should happen in the interim is that these key staff are fully protected both financially and in the workplace ‎at this time.”

18th March 2020 Circular

Consultation with our representatives has taken place since London Underground tabled its “full and final offer”, which I advised you of in a previous circular (Ref: IR/465/19, 15th November 2019).
To remind you, the offer tabled at that time was as follows:
  • Year 1 – 2.7% (RPI Feb 2019 +0.2%)
  • Year 2 – 1.4% plus 30 minute reduction in working week (three banked rest days – target implementation date: mid 2020)
  • Year 3 – RPI Feb 2021 +0.2%
  • Year 4 – 1.4% plus further 30 minute reduction in working week (three further banked rest days)
The unanimous view of representatives who attended a meeting to discuss this matter at the time was to reject and this view was endorsed by your National Executive Committee. Further discussions took place between your union and the company and management subsequently tabled the above offer again but also offered an alternative of a four-year deal of RPI plus 0.2% in each year but with no reduction in working time.
Further consultations were held with Level 1 reps and the view was to reject and commence a ballot of all members, which was again endorsed by your NEC. The balloted opened on Friday 6th March and will close on Tuesday 31st March. The ballot asks two questions: Strike Action and Action Short of a Strike in the form of members not to familiarise any member of staff at any location where that person would not normally work.
In taking the decision to ballot, your NEC noted the determination of our reps and members on LUL to fight for a pay deal that both protects real pay levels and addresses issues of fatigue and excessive working hours. Your NEC has also instructed me to provide all possible resources to ensure that we have the best possible opportunity to deliver a YES vote that meets the legal thresholds on both questions.
I will of course keep members fully advised of all further developments during this ballot and when the ballot closes.
It was brought to your union’s attention that Sodexho had won an extension to its contract to provide catering services across TfL. At the time, your representatives were alerted to a number of rumours circulating which suggested that a reorganisation to include job cuts was the company’s plan to take this contract forward.
Your Regional Organiser therefore met with the company, which stated that it had won the contract extension on the basis that it would introduce savings and efficiencies and so planned to cut 18 members of staff from its 120 workforce.
Your negotiators pressed the company to honour its obligations under the machinery of negotiation and it was agreed at the meeting that management would not go ahead with imposing its plans whilst discussions were still taking place and that a further meeting would take place on 19th March 2020.
Your National Executive Committee expressed its alarm at the suggestion that TfL had negotiated this contract extension on terms that will result in these job cuts and has instructed me to keep it informed of all details that come out of the next meeting.
I will keep you advised of all developments in this matter in due course.
I previously advised you of the magnificent and unanimous 15-0 vote of our Service Controller members at Osborne House to take strike action (Ref: IR/023/20, 15th January 2020) over a breakdown in industrial relations at the location.
Shortly after the vote was announced, your union and London Underground held talks under the auspices of conciliation service Acas. However, progress was initially slow and our negotiators therefore recommended two days of strike action in order to focus management’s minds. Your National Executive Committee endorsed this recommendation and instructed our members not to work on Friday 20th March and Friday 27th March 2020.
This proved crucial as further talks have resulted in London Underground setting out a number of proposals, including carrying out an independent investigation in the industrial relations situation at Osborne House which led to this dispute.
It proposed that an Acas conciliator would undertake this work and meet staff to gain an understanding of the problems. Additionally, management have said that they are committed to resolving the issues within this dispute and to improving relations with staff.
Having consulted with our representative, the NEC noted the proposals and the progress made and suspended the scheduled strike action to allow this investigation to take place. Once again, the threat of industrial action from a committed group of RMT members forced LU management to change its course and get these matters addressed. The dispute continues pending the outcome of the investigation, however.
I will keep you advised of any further developments.
I previously advised you of a ballot of our Revenue Control Inspector members at London Underground over the company’s attempts to create a two-tier workforce with the introduction of a new grade on inferior terms and conditions (Ref: IR/038/20, 28th January 2020).
The ballot took place and our members produced a 73-5 vote for strike action and 79-0 for industrial action short of a strike. This was obviously a clear and unambiguous mandate from the members involved. A meeting of all industrial reps in the Revenue function then took place and they unanimously recommended strike action as management had failed to respond to our members’ concerns on this matter. Your National Executive Committee therefore announced industrial action and our Revenue Control Inspector members have been instructed not to book on for shifts which commence between:
00.01 hours and 23.59 hours on Friday 27th March 2020
Additionally, from 00.01 hours on Saturday 28th March 2020 until further notice, members are instructed to:
  • refuse to train staff in any unagreed LUL grade or any grade that is not directly employed by London Underground limited to carry out revenue protection roles
·         refuse to mentor any unagreed LUL grade or any grade that is not directly employed by London Underground limited to carry out revenue protection roles
·         refuse to assist any unagreed LUL grade or any grade that is not directly employed by London Underground limited to carry out revenue protection roles
Please give your solidarity and support to your RCI colleagues taking this action.
I will keep you advised of all further developments in this dispute.
Our Jubilee South Branch has submitted the following resolution for consideration by your National Executive Committee:
“Jubilee South Branch is concerned by the proposed new duty schedules for Stratford Depot which London Underground management plan to introduce in March 2020.
These schedules see a further reduction in dead early shifts at Stratford which is detrimental to work/life balance of our members.
These concerns were raised by the RMT at a schedules meeting and a way forward was agreed to improve the proposed early turns.
However, following this meeting, the agreed plan to improve the roster have been altered which is not acceptable.
We ask the NEC to call an urgent meeting with London Underground to discuss the Stratford duties schedule further.
As things stand, we reject these proposed schedule changes.”
Your NEC has noted the resolution and applauded our reps and members at Stratford Depot for their resistance to the implementation of duty schedules that will adversely impact on work/life balance for our members. The NEC has instructed me to arrange a meeting between its members, the lead officer and appropriate reps to discuss how this matter can be progressed.
I will keep you advised of developments following this meeting.
The following resolution has been submitted for consideration by your National Executive Committee:
“It has come to this branch’s notice that London Underground are ‘future proofing’ the new train stock planned for the Piccadilly Line, it is due to arrive from 20203 onwards.
‘Future proofing’ is the new train stock having a reformable cab, this means the train cab be changed and removed to make the trains driverless, not very future proof for train operators currently employed now or in the future.
New train ops and those who have many years of work left now have no ‘working future’ in fact an end to their employment is in sight. As a branch we are also aware that (the Piccadilly Line) we will not be the last new stock on the underground and we must fight future proofing not only on our line but also across the combine of LU and anywhere else it raises its ugly head to protect jobs.
With this in mind we call upon this region to instruct the General Secretary to contact London Underground/TfL, make the strongest possible challenge to the current design of Piccadilly Line new train stock and get the reformable cab removed, additionally that the RMT develop a policy to fight any workplace that introduces future proofing which will lead to job losses and by default membership losses.”
This resolution has now been considered by your NEC which has instructed me to obtain a report from the lead officer of where discussion on this matter currently sit in the machinery of negotiation.
When I receive this report, it will be placed back before the NEC and I will keep you advised of developments.
I previously advised you of the disgraceful treatment of Ezra Christian, who faced a Company Disciplinary Investigation over an incident which should have been resolved locally (Ref: IR/038/20, 28th January 2020). Our Bakerloo Line Branch has now informed me that Brother Christian has now been dismissed following the CDI and has requested that the union enter a dispute situation with London Underground over this disgraceful situation and prepare a ballot of our Bakerloo drivers and instructor operators.
Your NEC has endorsed this recommendation and I will be informing LU of this dispute and arranging this ballot. Our members are determined to obtain justice for Brother Christian and I will keep you advised of all further developments in this matter.
I previously advised you of the attempts by London Underground management to displace Ketan Jageda from his duties/location which had been part of a formally agreed reasonable adjustment (Ref: IR/385/19, 26th September 2019). A resolution from Brother Jageda’s Bakerloo Line stated that such a move would not only be morally wrong but also a possible breach of the 2010 Equality Act.
This issue has been dragging on with LU management failing to resolve the matter satisfactorily. The branch therefore has again called on your National Executive Committee to address this issue by declaring a dispute and to prepare a ballot matrix of our members on the Bakerloo North Group (Stations). Your NEC has endorsed this recommendation and I am currently carrying out these instructions.
I will keep you advised of further developments in this matter.
In line with union policy, a pay claim for a substantial increase in pay and improved terms and conditions was submitted to Global Media for our members on its LU contract. Following a meeting, the company tabled the following three-year offer:
2019 – An increase of 2.5%, effective April 2019.
2020 – An increase of 2.5%, effective April 2020
2021 – An increase of 2.35%
Your National Executive Committee considered this offer and expressed its concerns that the offer for the third year is below the current level of RPI and therefore it instructed the lead officer to seek an improved offer for 2021.
A further meeting with the company took place at which it raised the offer for the third year to 2.3%. Our representative sought the view of members who expressed their unanimous vote to accept at a meeting.
Your NEC accepted this recommendation to accept and instructed me to inform the company of this decision.




The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Respiratory Health has urged the Government to take action to prevent the ‘next asbestos’ from taking more lives in the UK.


The APPG and not-for-profit organisation Building and Civil Engineering (B&CE)’s joint report, Silica – the next asbestos?, examines the danger posed by respirable crystalline silica (RCS).


The link to the APPG/B&CE report is at


In a 2014 report, the HSE stated that silica is the biggest risk to construction workers after asbestos:


Around 600,000 UK workers are exposed to RCS each year, which is created when bricks or stone are either fractured, cut or drilled into. This can cause silicosis, the most common chronic occupational lung disease in the world. In Australia, the recent rise in cases of silicosis has been described as an ‘emerging occupational health epidemic’.


The new report calls on the Government to take a number of crucial steps to address these issues and protect construction workers from exposure to RCS.


These recommendations include:


  1. Halving the workplace exposure limit (WEL) for RCS in the UK from 0.1mg/m3 to 0.05mg/m3 in line with the 2003 recommended exposure standard from the Scientific Committee on Occupation Exposure Limits
  2. Developing and implementing a targeted industry awareness campaign for those at risk of developing silicosis
  3. Introducing occupational health services into GP surgeries to allow for occupational histories to be taken where work-related ill health is suspected
  4. Introducing new health and safety regulations specifically relating to the control of respirable crystalline silica (RCS), to bring it into line with asbestos
  5. Introducing an NHS screening programme for those exposed to RCS

Jim Shannon MP, Chair of the APPG for Respiratory Health, said:

“This inquiry has given us real insight into the steps being taken to improve at-work health, especially around the issue of silica dust. We hope this report will assist the Health and Safety Executive, the Government and the construction industry to shine light on an under-documented issue and protect the construction workforce from preventable injury and illnesses.”

One of those to submit evidence to the inquiry was Gordon Sommerville, 59, from Scotland, who retired from his work as a stone mason and builder due to ill-health. In his evidence, he recalled almost non-existent levels of industry awareness to the dangers of inhaling dust at the start of his 38-year career.


He said: “Today, colleges teach stoneworkers of the dangers, the

HSE runs awareness campaigns and larger companies will supply employees with respiratory protection. But still the danger of dust has not filtered through to most and ignorance is still the major cause of dust diseases.”


I also draw your attention to RMT’s own publication, “Danger Dust”, which is available online at



RMT Asbestos Questionaire

It is important to remember that not everyone who has been exposed to asbestos develops an asbestos related disease, and that the development of a serious illness as a result of exposure to asbestos is rare. However, for those who do develop a disease, the effects can be devastating.


Recording information about exposure on a database will enable RMT and its solicitors to help those who wish to make a claim in the future by speeding up the process of obtaining compensation.


If you believe you have been exposed to asbestos in your current or a former workplace anywhere in the UK and at any time in the place no matter how long ago, you should complete the Asbestos Exposure Questionnaire.


Alternatively you can have a form sent to you by calling the


Thompsons helpline on 0800 587 7516.

Post the completed form to:


RMT Questionnaire

Thompson’s Solicitors

23 Princess Street


M2 4ER


Please note that you cannot fill in this form online.


Members who registered their details on the previous RMT asbestos register can be assured that their information will be retained.


If you are not sure if you did register your details, please do so again now.


Asbestos Questionaire

Bob Crow Memorial Album

Branches, Regions, Officers & Offices
Dear ALL,
Bob’s family have agreed for us to distribute our album today as we remember not only the sad loss of Bob but also smile at the memories that we have of the man and his life. 
This was made on behalf of our union as our tribute to him and I truly hope that we would have made him proud. This is not the work of any one individual, but the work of us all that follow in his footsteps.
We will be making 4 special copies of the Album, for the union, our branch, to accompany the banner and Bob’s family. We will also make some additional copies for those that contributed. We are toying with the idea of making some more for general sale in aid of Bob’s Charity, the British Heart Foundation, but we will see. We also hope that the RMT buys Bob’s Banner as his family have agreed the money will also donated to his charity.
Firstly, to Ed Hall, who made the banner in a very short time to enable us to premier it at the 2019 May Day March in London.
We thank Nicola Hoarau for giving us permission, on behalf of Bob’s family, to change our branch name to the Bob Crow Branch and also to the National Executive and General Secretary for allowing this to happen. Also, for her marvellous efforts to finally get Bob onto the stage at Tolpuddle, something that sadly did not occur during Bob’s life-time.
We thank Bob’s work colleagues, Sean Fahey, Terry ‘the Tamper’ Gipps, Chris Newell, Eddie Norton and Doug Hammersley for their memories of Bob during his working days.
We would like to thank those that have spent time to write such wonderful and heartfelt tributes to Bob to accompany the photographs in this album. Karen Mitchell, Barry West, Mick Cash, Andy Gilchrist, Mick Lynch, John Leach, John Reid, Glen Hart, John Leach, Glenroy Watson, Andy Littlechild, Sean Hoyle, Michelle Rogers, Peter Skelly and Alan Pottage
Our most sincere thanks to Stephen Guy of the Durham Miners, who not only made us welcome, but also organised a special blessing of our Banner, outside Durham Cathedral. A unique tribute that is usually only allowed for Miners’ Banners.
We would like to thank LU Engineering Branch and RMT Members for their love and support in ensuring that Bob’s legacy has endured and continues to thrive. It was symbolic of this that ‘Bob’s Banner on Tour’ was met with such respect and support as we travelled the country in the name of class solidarity and determination to honour the giant of a man that was our Bob.
Our gratitude also, to the staff of the RMT Communication’s Team for their proof reading and formatting of our album, who have helped finish this work that we all worked so hard to create.
Lastly, we would like to thank Bob’s family, for allowing us to share him with them, for an all too brief moment in time.




I attach, for your information, the following documents:


  • The World Health Organisation document “Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19”


  • The International Association of Public Transport document “Management of COVID-19: Guidelines for Public Transport Operators”


  • Network Rail’s “Healthy Hour” pack, which contains links to advice for critical locations when responding to a potential case of COVID-19 among colleagues and a daily updated list of specified countries within Category 1 and Category 2.


It is advised that travellers returning from category 1 countries specified by Public Health England (PHE) since 19th February 2020 should immediately self-isolate at home, even if not symptomatic, and call NHS 111 (known as NHS 24 in Scotland) to find out what to do next. They should inform their line manager by telephone or email ASAP to discuss this.


It is advised that travellers from category 2 countries specified by PHE since 19th February 2020, do not need to immediately self-isolate. However, it is recommended they have a conversation with their line manager and subject to role/location, local consideration be given to whether they should return to work. If they develop any symptoms, they should self-isolate at home and call NHS 111.


Please make the contents of this Circular available to all appropriate members.


00052 Coronavirus – COVID-19 – useful documents


Corona Virus_EN


Coronavirus Healthy Hour pack


getting-workplace-ready-for-covid-19.pdf (003)

RMT says London Mayor’s coronavirus transport cleaning announcement is completely inadequate

RMT says London Mayor’s coronavirus transport cleaning announcement is completely inadequate


TUBE UNION RMT says that the London Mayor’s coronavirus transport cleaning announcement today is completely inadequate and calls into question the decision to privatise tube cleaning.


Responding to Mayor Sadiq Khan’s statement, RMT General Mick Cash said:


“The New York subway, where cleaning is done by directly employed staff in the public sector, will be deep-cleaned every three days, according to a recent announcement.


“In contrast, what the Mayor of London has announced looks significantly less than that and our worry is that he’s being limited in what he can do because London Underground’s cleaning is outsourced.


“That’s why RMT has written to the Mayor seeking assurances that the decision to privatise tube cleaning is not compromising passenger safety.


“It would also be completely unacceptable if the privatised tube cleaning company ABM were to profit out of this crisis and this whole episode confirms once again that like New York, Tube cleaning in London needs to be taking into public ownership.”





21 March is United Nations Anti-Racism Day. Stand Up to Racism, to which RMT is affiliated, are organising demonstrations in London and Glasgow to mark this day and to protest at the rise of mass support for racist and fascist forces worldwide.

The Glasgow demo is titled ‘March against Racist Johnson’ and is supported by unions from across Scotland. It will begin at 11am

in St George’s Square.

The London demo is titled ‘March against Racism’ and will set off from Portland Place, London W1A at noon.


Full details are here:


RMT branches and members are encouraged to support these marches against racism and fascism and show our solidarity with those fighting the rise of the far right internationally.

Retired Members Branch Meeting 3rd March 2020

The next meeting of the LT Retired Members Branch will be on Tuesday 3rd March at 14.00 in Unity House, 39 Chalton St NW1 1JD.


Our Guest speaker will be brand new LT Executive Member Jared Wood talking about the issues currently facing RMT on the Underground and LT.


We’ll also discuss retirement issues, and hear reports on a range of other issues including a report from the Branch members who took part in the recent on the Regional Recruitment Day.


Lesley is proposing that we join the RMT coach to the Tolpuddle Festival.  Dates of that and other events below.


Our Branch Membership Officer Kate has hit the ground running and will unveil the latest plans to increase the Branch membership using RMTs database.


I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.


All the best,

Olly New

Branch Secretary


Coming Up in 2020


8 March International Womens Day, Ealing Trades Council event

1 May London May Day March

10 June RMT Cuba Solidarity Garden Party, Clapham

4th July  Women Chainmakers festival, near Birmingham

11 July Durham Miners Gala19 July Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Dorset (from Friday 17th for the full festival)

6 September Burston Strike School Rally, Norfolk

12 September Wigan Diggers Festival


Our Branch Meetings

 Tuesday 3rd March from 14.00 to 16.00

Tuesday 5th May from 14.00 to 16.00

Tuesday 7th July from 14.00 to 16.00

Tuesday 1st September from 14.00 to 16.00

Tuesday 3rd November from 14.00 to 16.00

All in Unity House, 39 Chalton Street  NW1 1JD.

London Transport Regional Council

The London Transport Regional Council meets tonight at the Indian YMCA, nearest station Warren Street, from 4pm


Our meeting will be followed by a Trade Union Rally, chaired by RMT President Michelle Rogers and feature speakers from French Rail Union, CGT Versailles, RMT AGS Steve Hedley, and includes other Trade Union’s in dispute; UCU,UVW amongst others.


Hope you’re able to make both events.


Fraternally yours,


Glen Hart
London Transport Regional Council Secretary

RMT welcomes Labour Assembly Members’ support for Underground cleaners

RMT welcomes Labour Assembly Members’ support for Underground cleaners
Pressure is growing on London’s Labour Mayor to commit to ending the privatisation of Underground cleaning as RMT received a statement of support from the Labour Group in the London Assembly.
The statement from Len Duvall AM, leader of the Labour Group, pledges the Labour AMs’ support for ‘action to secure better working conditions and job security for cleaners on the London Underground, as well as making the case for bringing cleaners in-house as a viable option for a new contract in 2022’.
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said,
“It’s good news that London’s Labour movement is uniting around this campaign.
“These cleaners are unsung heroes of the Underground and it’s a disgrace that they’ve been privatised on the basis that they are supposedly ‘non-core’.
“The truth is that they’re central to a clean and safe passenger experience. I hope Sadiq Khan is listening and I repeat my call on him to commit to bringing these workers in house.”

LUL Pay Branch Survey

Dear ALL


This is just to update you all that the branch carried out a survey on the two LUL pay offers. It is now closed.


This survey was to help our negotiators understand better what our members want and that our members are streadfastly determined to fight to better their terms and conditions. To that end, we won’t reveal the survey votes at this time to ensure that we negotiate the best deal for you. However, I can confirm the replies was overwhelming and extremely strong.


Under the law, should we ballot we must reach certain thresholds and in just 8 hours, we recieved over 600 completed replied.


We do recognise that survey’s such as this, and others are not the only way to reach and interact with our members but it is a useful tool to contact you all fast.


Please continue to feedback your views to our reps and come to the branch.


If you did not recieve a messgae, it was ONLY sent to members of the LUEngineering Branch working for LUL.


But also please check that your contact details are correct by logging in at: