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New Inflation rates for year to July 2021

New Inflation rates for year to July 2021

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published inflation rates for the year to July 2021The Retail Prices Index (RPI) increased to 3.8% for the year to July 2021, a fall of 0.1% from 3.9% for the year to June 2021.


The alternative measures of CPI and CPIH rose by 2.0% (down from 2.5% to June) and 2.1% (down from 2.4% to June) respectively.

Your union’s policy is to use the RPI rate in all pay negotiations. Should an employer attempt to use alternative inflation measures during pay talks, please inform the National Policy department as soon as possible.

I would be grateful if you could bring the content of this circular to the attention of all members in your Branch.

In memorium, Bob Crow

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the sad death of our late and great General Secretary, Bob Crow.


So much has happened in those intermediate years and it is fitting that we take stock and spend a minute sharing our memories of a person that left us far too early.


His family set have a charity donation page for the British Heart Foundation to help prevent this illness taking anymore of our loved ones.


so please, if you can, remember Bob by donating below



John Leach ‘1’ for RMT General Secretary

I have worked with most of the candidates for many years and I believe that John Leach deserves your ‘1’ VOTE


All Grades Union


John cares about us all. It does not matter what back ground you come from, what grade you are or where you work, we are all workers and he works tirelessly on everyone’s behalf. It is easy to bang a drum or wave a stick but he recognises the need for different tactics for different fights.




John has many years experience in the RMT. He is currently the Regional Organiser in your area and has served several times on our union’s National Executive and also as our President. During those decades, he has worked along side the very best people, officers and general secretaries we have had and has learnt his trade from these people. He knows how to run the union and is a safe EFFECTIVE  pair of hands in these troubling times.




John knows how to negotiate and how to fight if necessary. He has won small gains and large victories and is not ashamed to say his aim is the improvement of everyone’s job, conditions and job security.


He has directly negotiated the agreements below:

1.  The LT Pension scheme being opened to Tube Lines staff

2.  Bringing back Tube Lines and other companies inhouse

3.  Covid Isolation and sick  Pay for ABM  Cleaners

4.  The ‘Jobs for Life Deal’ / No compulsory redundancies in LU and all the contractual rights. Staff levels being agreed

5.  TUPE talks with various companies to bring staff back to LUL and on DLR

6.  Recognition agreements on new companies in tfl

7.  Abolition of zero hours contracts and full contractual hours


Cool Head


When I have worked with John, there have been times where employers have tried to unnerve us or force into the wrong course of action. He never panics and maintains a poker face at all times. He relies on his ability to negotiate a settlement and also has a feeling for whether an employer may have more on the table and will push that issue into dispute. He is able to win through ability and is never scared to fight if necessary.


Works with the Members


John believe in a fighting and democratic union where the members have the first, second and final say. He will listen to you and he will act on what your tell him. John will be your General Secretary approachable, dependable and experienced.


More work to do


John recognises the big fights ahead and that we have more work to do. He is working with us on the IR35 issue and protecting all jobs across the London transport arena. He wants to ensure that you have the very best conditions and job security that can be achieved for each and every member. Whether that be LUL, Engie, Thales, Balfour Beatty, Morsons and Cleshar etc we are all brothers and sisters and he wants the opportunity to win for us all.


That’s why LUEngineering, your branch and myself, choose to support John Leach ‘1’ for General Secretary


Many thanks


Paul Jackson

LUEngineering Branch Secretary

RMT blasts TfL for calling on staff in South African variant postcodes to come into work as normal

RMT blasts TfL for calling on staff in South African variant postcodes to come into work as normal
RMT has written to TfL Commissioner Andy Byford condemning its guidance that workers in postcodes being targeted for surge testing aimed at bringing the South African variant of Covid19 to heel, should come into work as normal.
Last night the Health Secretary Matt Hancock called on people in a series of postcodes across the country, including in London and the East of England, to stay at home and help bring the new South African variant to heel. The same evening, TfL issued guidance to its staff including in those postcodes, stating that if they could not work from home they should come into work as normal.
In his letter, RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:
“Your position, in clear contradiction of the government’s statement, has understandably caused mass dismay and anxiety among London Underground and TfL members and we are dealing with the consequences of that now. You appear to be calling people to come to work who have just been urged by the government to stay at home, putting themselves, their families, communities and work colleagues at risk in the process.
“This is totally unacceptable. You need to take back control of this situation rapidly. I am asking that you write to all TfL staff now amending this guidance to reflect the government’s position before this situation escalates any further.” 


Following concerns raised about the efficacy of Network Rail’s Lateral Flow Testing process, at its meeting on 21st January, your National Executive Committee (NEC) noted and adopted the report (below) of its Health and Safety Sub-committee.
At a further meeting on January 26th, your NEC noted a further report from the Regional Organiser and the concerns raised in regard to a member feeling slightly unwell at work and so opted to take one of the company’s flow tests which came up as negative. He therefore finished his shift at work.
His partner is an NHS employee who has such kits at home as they are required to test themselves twice weekly. So that same day, he took a second test with his partner’s equipment which proved positive. He then went and took an official site test which confirmed the positivity.
It is therefore clear that Network Rail testing kits might not suitable for purpose, that the staff carrying out the test may not be properly trained and/or Network Rail’s methods for testing are wanting.
I have been instructed to take account of these concerns when carrying out the earlier decision as below:
We note the report from the Regional Organiser.
The General Secretary is instructed to prepare an in-depth report on lateral flow and other workplace testing regimes to be placed in front of this NEC.

TUSC Local Elections Conference

Don’t leave politics just to shades of the Establishment!*


Help build the anti-austerity challenge at the May elections.

Please visit the TUSC local elections conference Facebook event at


*Sunday, February 7th, 11:00 to 13:30*

Zoom link


Meeting ID: 828 9659 5909
Passcode: On request


Those details will also be available on the Facebook event above and also the TUSC website at



LUL Circular 29th January

Further to my previous Circular (IR/007/1/21, 8th January 2021), the following resolution was received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-
“This Branch notes that despite the RMT concerns over safety and preparedness, LU management decided to plough ahead with the operational proving weekend on the 9th and 10th January.
That weekend did not prove the railways readiness for automatic running or improved the readiness of the train operators for automatic running, it additionally saw numerous breaches of the covid guidance and regulations.
Despite this management plan to go “live” on the 6th March 2021!
It is unacceptable to our members, that training has not been agreed, that support has not been agreed, and as such, going live should be postponed until all train operators along with signalers and support technicians are fully trained and ready.
Our Regional Organiser has written to LU demanding that this project be postponed until such time all training can be carried out safely and to the standard of other similar line projects.
This Branch demands that written confirmation that the going live of SMA3 be delayed, in line with this resolution, (until all training and confidence trips are complete in the SMA3 area) if this is not received in a timely fashion, we call on the General Secretary to declare a dispute and ballot all affected members for strike action and action short of strike”.
This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has noted the resolution and is appalled that London Underground ignored the warnings given to them by RMT, our Officer and Reps and went ahead with an SMA3 proving weekend. This exercise was a farce with multiple serious health and safety breaches that our reps have raised with London Underground.
In addition to serious operational safety breaches the exercise caused many members to attend work unnecessarily during the Covid pandemic and many breaches of social distancing were observed. These too have been raised by our reps with management.
I previously wrote to LUL on 8th January to demand the postponement of non-essential proving work on the SMA3 project and in line with the NEC decision, I have now written to the Company again to advise that a dispute situation exists over its refusal to suspend the roll out of SMA3.
I have also arranged to meet with the Lead Officer and Reps, along with the SAGS and NEC regarding this issue and I will of course keep Branches advised of all further developments.
Yours sincerely


RMT launches TRANSPORT WORKERS ARE ESSENTIAL WORKERS campaign as threats of pay freezes and job cuts surface
TRANSPORT UNION RMT said today that it will be launching a fresh wave of campaigning under the banner TRANSPORT WORKERS ARE ESSENTIAL WORKERS as threats of pay freezes and possible attacks on jobs and conditions emerged in Government briefings over the weekend.
The new campaign, which will be rolled out through a high profile advertising blitz on social media and in press ads, will tie in with work being carried out through the TUC and an alliance of unions designed to halt the threat of pay freezes and cuts to standards of living across Britain’s public services and public sector in the wake of the COVID pandemic.
RMT says it would be a kick in the teeth for transport workers, staff who have kept Britain’s essential workers and freight moving for the past year whilst being disproportionately and heavily exposed to the virus in the process, were to be repaid with a hit to their living standards and livelihoods.
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:
“Today, transport workers who are risking their lives keeping our country moving have found out they have been stabbed in the back by the Government who have extended  the public sector pay freeze to the transport sector whilst at the same time it’s business as usual for the private companies who will continue to be able to rake in profits.
“RMT will have no hesitation in supporting national coordinated action to deliver our members the pay rise they deserve.”