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Latest LUL Pay Offer

Dear RMT members
Today myself and our reps met LUL to discuss pay 2019. The company made the offer as attached
We immediately responded by saying that the RMT would seek to meet all our reps to discuss the offer. Therefore we cannot formally respond in this update  However  I stated that all pay deals in LUL are RPI linked in the past . Also any banked rest days can only be taken in line with our agreements
We still have some way to go in these pay talks
As soon as our NEC has considered the position there will be a further update
Thanks John Leach

LUL Pay Talks Update 8th October 2019

LU have been forced to accept a Shorter Working Week must be part of any pay settlement but 30 Mins instead of a pay rise is unacceptable

For five months LU management have told us that there is no chance of a cut in the working week. Therefore the new offer that includes a 30min/week cut is welcome progress. The company cannot now argue that cutting hours is impossible. But the offer does not yet address the needs of RMT members on the tube.


Management want us to choose between a cut in hours or a pay rise. At the most recent ACAS talks management tried to get your RMT negotiators to accept that any cut in hours would be financed by reducing the pay rise. As you would expect, RMT refused to accept this. We say they should use the £360m surplus we generate to provide both.


RMT is prepared to talk to management about how a cut in hours could be implemented. We say any incremental cut must be banked and made available as banked rest days. Each function could then decide how to use these days, either in the roster or as leave.


We need whole days away from work, not 6 mins off a shift. What difference does it make whether you start a dead early at 05:00 or 05:06?


RMT has also made clear to management that all elements of our pay claim that includes Priv for all, a minimum increase to help the lowest paid and the upgrading of all CSA2 positions to CSA1 remain on the table and must be addressed.


Talks are due to continue but LU must understand that our patience is limited. Failure to properly address our claim will result in a ballot across the job.


Our demands:


  1. Management’s offer of 30 min cut in working week can only be the start of cutting the working week towards 32hours/4days
  2. RMT does not accept that LU cannot find more money to fund a pay rise and a more meaningful cut in hours
  3. Use the £360m surplus to provide more rest days and mitigate the terrible health impacts of our shifts
  4. Any incremental cut in the working week must be as banked time that can be taken as banked rest days
  5. 6 mins off a shift is no help to anyone. We need quality time away from work to recover from shift work.

Point Care Gang (LUL)

Despite LUL being informed of serious breaches of agreements with regards to BCV and SSL, management continue to use the JNP Gangs on non-JNP areas.


The man concerns of this are:

  1. The JNP Point Care Team includes dual skilling track and signals staff that we believe is a direct threat to job security
  2. There has been no discussions to vary any BCV and SSL agreements.
  3. Impacts on existing staff in the SSL gang have included being placed into the redeployment pool, alienated so that the have wanted to move and we believe there is now a complete breakdown in Industrial Relations over the matter

Sadly, it seems that we have been given no choice but to look to our members to defend our agreements and our job security. We are therefore compiling a ballot matrix of all BCV and SSL Signal Staff with a view to Industrial Action.


We remain available for talks.

Mick Cash elected as General Secretary

Mick Cash has been re-elected as the General Secretary of the RMT.


He has stated that he will continue the work of the last 5 years and will look to push our membership to above the 100,000 mark.


He has a vision to use technology to give our members a solid foundation and support and to this end the RMT will be releasing an APP very soon.


LUL Pay Rise

Further to my previous Circular (IR/288/19, 31st July 2019), the RMT negotiating team has attended a series of talks with the Company at ACAS and a revised offer has now been received which is as follows:-
            Year One
·         A 2.7% (February 2019 RPI + 0.2%) consolidated increase for all grades from 1st April 2019
·         A minimum increase of £750 (pro-rated for employees working less than 35 hours per week)
Year Two
·         A 30 minute reduction in the contractual working week, from 35 hours to 34.5 hours
·         An RPI (February 2020 figure) + 0.2% consolidated increase for all grades, less the costs associated with the implementation of the reduction in the working week set out above
There have been further talks at Acas and the RMT have made it clear that we want time off as whole shifts and not a few minutes at the beginning and end of the shift. Talks are continuing

LUL Point Care Gang

It has come to the attention of the RMT that JNP Managers have been looking to export former Tube Lines working methods into BCV and SSL areas.


One such example is the Point Care Gang. The RMT supported this initiative within BCV and SSL as a way of recruiting staff and given members a career opportunity.


However we now find that there has been a steady creap of JNP (former Tube Lines) working practices that involve the blurring of lines between signals and track staff roles. This is directly against BCV/ SSL Agreements and will not be accepted


To that end we have asked our National Executive to Ballot all our members in Signals in Former Metronet areas


We remain available for talks

LUL Circular 30th August 2019

Dear Colleagues,
Further to my previous Circular (IR/336/19, 23rd August 2019), the RMT negotiating team has held a series of talks with the Company at ACAS and following the latest developments the National Executive Committee has accepted the revised resolution proposals from the Company and taken the decision to SUSPEND THE STRIKE ACTION called for Tuesday 3rdto Wednesday 4th September. All members are therefore instructed to book on and work as normal. The upcoming re-ballot to keep the mandate live has also been cancelled.
The negotiating team unanimously decided that the latest proposals represent a significant shift in the Company’s previous position and address a number of the core elements of this dispute. LU has committed to increase Train Operator levels on the line, review the application of the Attendance At Work Policy and address a number of other Health & Safety matters.
I will be closely monitoring future industrial relations on the Central Line but in the meantime, all members and Reps are congratulated for reaching this position and seeing these issues resolved.
Further to my previous Circular (IR/336/19, 23rd August 2019) the RMT negotiating team has held a series of talks with the Company at ACAS and following the latest developments, the National Executive Committee has taken the decision to SUSPEND THE STRIKE ACTION called for Tuesday 3rd to Wednesday 4th September. All members are therefore instructed to book on and work as normal.
During the talks with the Company, proposals to find a resolution to the issues in the dispute including Service Control and Reps Release, Pay Deductions, Disciplinaries, Attendance at Work and our Framework Agreement were discussed. The Company has stated it is committed to implementing jointly agreed proposals to improve working relationships between RMT members and Victoria Line management and further detailed discussions are planned with specified review periods.
I will be closely monitoring developments and if the Company renege on its current position RMT will call further industrial action in this dispute.
Further to my previous Circular (IR/314/19, 12th August 2019), the referendum regarding the above has closed with the following result:-
Question: Are you prepared to accept the company’s offer?
Number of Papers Returned…        11
Number Voting ‘Yes’…                   9
Number Voting ‘No’…                    2
Spoilt Papers…                            0
This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has congratulated all members, Reps, the Lead Officer and Camden 3 Branch and taken the decision to advise the Company of our acceptance of the offer. I have asked that the increase, along with backdated monies, is paid to members at the earliest opportunity. For your ease of reference, the accepted offer is as follows:-
Year One
  • A 2.4% increase, effective 1st April 2019
Year Two
  • A 2.4% increase, effective 1st April 2020. However this will be reviewed should RPI exceed 5% in the three month slot before the pay anniversary (1st January to 31st March 2020).
Yours sincerely

Branch Long Service Awards

There are many members in our branch that have been in our union for many years.


To honour them, we intend to hold a special branch social on the 6th December (badges and details to be sent to each member) at the Savoy Tap.


Members with 10, 25, 40 and 50 years membership will be invites.


Please expect to hear if you are affected in the next month