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Your Branch is supporting Sean Hoyle for General Secretary

Your branch is supporting Sean Hoyle in the election for the RMT General Secretary because:


We believe he will unify our union


We believe he will be YOUR democratic voice


We believe he will fight for our jobs, our rights and our conditions


We believe he will be the voice of all the union regardless of Race, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Disability or Age


We believe he will be a great voice for us all and will represent us in the Media with passion, humour and skill


We ask you to vote for Sean

Become an RMT Rep

The RMT are looking for reps across various areas where we currently have vacancies.


Union Reps: They represent you. They should listen to your views and make sure management hear and act on what our members want. They are here to help you if you have problems and if you get in trouble. Sometimes it will seem like the only friend you have is your union rep. So support them to support you


Health and Safety Reps: We come to work to earn money, not to go home in a body bag or hurt. Unionised work places are safer. We work together with companies and sometimes in conflict to make sure that our work places are safe. Your reps carry out inspections and investigations and regularly meet with companies to ensure it is safe at work


Union Learner Reps: We want everyone to fulfil their potential. That can be through pay and conditions but also through education. Union Learner Reps are here to help you through education. They can help you find courses and maybe get release from work and funding.


So if you want to make a difference then contact


[email protected] for more details

Balfour Beatty LUL Contract Pay Offer

We have received the below offer for members at Balfour Beatty on the LUL Contract.


PLATELAYER GRADE 210.322.510.58
PLATELAYER GRADE 210.322.510.58
PLATELAYER GRADE 310.203.4910.55
Stores operative10.252.910.55

We will be visiting our members on that contract over the next few weeks to obtain their views

Fighting the latest Transformation LUL

LUL have been forcing through large job cuts in Asset Operations and other areas that also include the Track Access Controllers and Learning and Skills development.


Additionally, we are also seeing a large scale attempt to privatise part of the work that is currently done by DSM at Acton and this is not acceptable to your union.


Despite requests to go to Acas and to follow our Agreements, LUL have refused to cooperate with the RMT.


These Agreements were made prior to the failed Privatisation of Tube Maintenance to Metronet and Tube Lines and enshrined how we negotiate any changes such as these and how we prove the proposals are Safe.


Not content with this attack on our ‘jobs for life deal’, LUL are now attacking our Roster Agreements for Metronet and Tube Lines, see below


CMO Roster Agreement Click Here



Tube Lines roster agreement Click here


We have demanded LUL stop these attacks and get round the table with your union in the agreed fashion and we have asked our NEC to ballot all of Tube Lines and LUL Signals for strike action and action short of strike.

RMT Circular 23rd May 2019

The following resolution has been received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-
“This branch notes the recent attack by drunk passengers on a member of night tube at T5 and the failure to attend by BTP. This is typical of termini stations where drunken passengers have to be woken to leave trains but not solely at termini stations.
We also note this is not the first incident of an attack on a lone working night tube member and is a sorry indictment of LU’s lack of protection and support for lone workers employed to work night tube only.
This branch calls on the National Executive Committee to declare a dispute of all night tube staff at T5 including night tube train operators unless the following is implemented:
1.    BTP presence on Friday and Saturday nights
2.    End lone working at T5
3.    No overcarrying of passengers into T5 sidings”.
This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the decision to arrange an urgent meeting of our Night Tube IR and H&S Representatives, Piccadilly & District West Branch Officers, the Lead Officer, Senior Assistant General Secretary and members of the NEC in attendance.
I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep Branches advised of all further developments.
The following resolution has been received from Neasden Branch:-
“This Branch, Neasden 1070 Branch abhors the recent decision by LUL to demote our member and our branch disability officer Adrian Morgan. Adrian is a Train Operator at Neasden Traincrew Depot, he has served LUL for 12 years and been a Train Operator on the Metropolitan Line since 2011 and had an unblemished record. We can show that Adrian has been treated differently to other Train Operators. We are disgusted at the harsh decision against Adrian and we want to start immediately to enter into dispute with LUL for the full reinstatement to the Train Operator grade.
Adrian was sent to a CDI following an incident in early November 2018 where a customer was caught in the doors as they were closing. The customer never complained about any incident or injury, in which it was reported by an anonymous person.
This is a daily hazard for all Train Operators in the course of their duty, the disciplinary panel were fully aware of Adrian’s personal issues that happened that evening and accepted these in the hearing. Adrian continued his duty to assist in not having further delays to the travelling public and put added pressure on his work colleagues.
There has been numerous comparator cases within LUL that was raised in the CDI hearing and namely on the Metropolitan Line, where these drivers have not faced any disciplinary action despite at least one that resulted in a serious injury to a customer that needed hospital treatment.
We strongly believe that Adrian has been treated differently for a number of reasons including fighting in the workplace to get his disability recognised by LUL for a number of years which was finally accepted once he was sent to a CDI.
Adrian’s decision to his CDI was received on 14th May 2019 which was to demote him to CSA2.
An appeal has been submitted and is due to be heard shortly and if the result is unsatisfactory from the appeal then LUL management must be made aware that we intend to defend our member and that we are prepared to escalate this dispute to do so”.
This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the decision to seek a report from the Lead Officer and to advise the company that we many well be in dispute if Brother Morgan is not re-instated at his appeal hearing.
I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep Branches advised of all further developments.
Further to my previous Circular (IR/539/18, 14th December 2018), the NEC took the decision to advise the Companies that we are in dispute over the pay and conditions of members working as Protection Masters, Train Masters and Possession Masters on the LU network. The Union has made several attempts to hold discussions with a view to improving their terms and conditions and specifically, increasing their unsatisfactory rate of pay but regrettably, these requests have not been successful.
This stagnation has resulted in a pay cut in real terms, and an erosion of members’ disposable income and living standards. It is time these members’ legitimate and justified claims for pay and conditions reflective of the work they do and in line with their London Underground colleagues is met.
The NEC has taken the decision to prepare a ballot matrix of all affected members employed by Morsons or Rift for industrial action in the form of a strike and to concurrently, over a 4 week balloting period, conduct a referendum of our self-employed members with a recommendation to withdraw their services.
I am currently acting in accordance with the above decision will keep Branches advised of all further developments.
The following resolution has been received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-
“This branch notes the draconian treatment our security guard members are suffering at the hands of the huge outsourcing company Interserve.
Enforced job losses, demotions, cuts in pay and hours and unsafe working practices is something this union will not tolerate.
This branch calls on the National Executive Committee to announce a formal dispute with Interserve and TfL and to prepare a ballot matrix of our Interserve members.
We also call on the Regional Organiser to arrange a series of meeting to consult our security grades to discuss the next steps.”
This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the decision to arrange an urgent meeting between our Interserve IR Representatives, Piccadilly & District West Branch Officers, the Lead Officer, Senior Assistant General Secretary and members of the NEC, to discuss the organisation of a ballot for industrial action.
I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep Branches advised of all further developments.
Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary





Further to previous correspondence regarding the above, this matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the following decision:-


“That we note the report from our Lead Officer and that our members having waited 6 months for the union to address this issue and are beginning to lose faith.

Accordingly we instruct the General Secretary to prepare a ballot matrix of all affected members employed by Morsons, Cleshar, JMK and Rift for industrial action in the form of a strike, and concurrently over a 4 week balloting period conduct a referendum of our self-employed members with a recommendation to withdraw their services from London Underground’s business.

We also instruct the General Secretary to obtain legal advice to facilitate protecting our members, and to arrange a meeting between our IR Representatives, the Lead Officer, Senior Assistant General Secretary and members of the NEC.

Members to be advised by e-mail and text.

Bob Crow Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised”.


As a result of the above decision, all affected companies have been informed that we are in dispute and Papers to be dispatched on Tuesday 4th June with a closing date of Tuesday 2nd July.


The referendum of self employed members to run concurrently


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash

General Secretary


Support the Justice4Grenfell/Grenfell Trust solidarity March 15 June

Support the Justice4Grenfell/Grenfell Trust solidarity March 15 June
The second anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire is approaching and the Justice4Grenfell campaign and the Grenfell Trust are organising events to express solidarity with the families and communities affected by this terrible tragedy.
Saturday 15 June will see a solidarity march, assembling at 12 noon at Portland Place, London W1A 1AA (nearest tube Oxford Circus). I’m writing to urge you to support this march. Please distribute this flyer among your members and encourage them to attend this march in for justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower Fore: 
RMT supports the Justice4Grenfell campaign nationally but branches across the country are urged to affiliate for a cost of £25. Regional Councils can affiliate for £50. Email [email protected].
I would be grateful if you could bring the content of this circular to the attention of all members in your Branch

Yours sincerely 

RMT Legal Services

I am pleased to advise you that as promised to our Eire Branch, new contracts have been signed with Solicitors in the Republic of Ireland MJ O’Conner, resulting in new and enhanced services being provided for our members. The new services include a free Helpline, and advice and representation in Criminal and Employment matters (subject to meeting the same criteria as in England Wales and Scotland) and a Wills service to all members in the Republic of Ireland. This has been long overdue and with the signing of these Solicitors it means that this Union can now provide cover throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
Members in Scotland; Off Shore Workers and the Republic of Ireland should complete the Form L1 if they have had an accident at work, road traffic accident or street accident. The Form can be obtained either from Branch Secretaries or via the R.M.T. Helpline on 0800 376 3706. Once the form is completed, it must be returned to the Branch Secretary for endorsement and sent direct to Solicitors as set out below:-
Scotland & Offshore:           Thompsons, Berkeley House, 285 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4HQ. Tel: 08080 68 5529
Northern Ireland:          Thompsons McClure, Victoria Chambers, 171 Victoria Street, Belfast BT1 4HS
The Republic of Ireland:     MJ O’Conner, Ormonde House, 26 Harbour Row, Cobh, Co. Cork. Tel +353(0)21 4813944 / Email: [email protected]
England and Wales:  Thompsons, The Synergy Building, Campo Lane Sheffield, S1 2EL or alternatively call (no form required) on 08457 125 495, 0800 0 224 224, or
Please note that for members’ family members they may use the same process for accidents other than accidents at work, member should abide by the same process. The scheme does not cover family members injured at work who are not Union members.
The Union will provide representation for members at Employment Tribunals for members only. Form L2 has been produced and must be completed by those applying for advice and representation at Tribunals for ALL regions. The Form is obtainable from Regional Organisers, Branch Secretaries, the R.M.T. Helpline on 0800 376 3706 or can be downloaded from the Union’s website and must be completed by the member and endorsed by the Regional Organiser. The Form must then be sent to the Legal Department Maritime House Clapham Old Town London SW4 0JW, and must be accompanied with all relevant documentation, such as statement of terms and conditions of employment/contract of employment, letter of dismissal, minutes of disciplinary hearing and appeal hearings. The Regional Offices have a check list of which documents are required. Without documents the case will not be processed and could result in the case being declined for lack of documents.
As has always been the case, representation is not automatic but will depend upon the prospects of success. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, representation will only be provided in cases that have a reasonable prospect of success. Branches will receive a copy of the letter sent to members advising if representation has been declined. The advice will not be sent as this is confidential to the member.  Only appeals in accordance with Rule will be considered in cases turned down, as happens with personal injury cases. All cases are assessed for prospects of success.
For cases with a reasonable prospect of success, representation will be provided by the appropriate Union Solicitor.
In all cases, the responsibility rests with the member to submit their case to ACAS, and where requested the assistance with conciliation will be provided. This will be conducted by the Regional Organiser. It is the Union’s policy that only Regional Organisers can be utilised for conciliation and in London and the South East nominated individuals who are approved by the Union. No other person may be put forward as representatives of the Union without approval of the General Secretary. The box relating to representation should only contain the name of the nominated Regional Officer.  In cases, where the member requires assistance in completing the ACAS form or Form L2, this can be obtained from the Regional Organiser.
Members should in the first instance contact the Criminal Helpline number and will be available to members, spouses/partners and children. The service will include representation at Police Stations and representation before the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court, if necessary, in relation to criminal cases. This is the service for members arrested by police /garda and questioned under caution and for general enquires related to criminal matters.
This service is provided by:
Powell Spencer in England & Wales: Tel: 020 7624 8888
Thompsons in Scotland & Off shore: 0800 0891 300
MJ O’Connor in the Republic of Ireland: 086 3866467
Representation will be provided at Police Stations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service can be accessed by phoning the above numbers.
Please note that assistance is discretionary and in all cases members are expected to apply for State Legal Aid. Should the member require assistance with the funding of their case this can be considered in relation to work related criminal matters and can only be considered upon completion of Form L3 obtainable from the Branch; the Regional Office or on line. All L3 Forms must be signed by the member and also by the Branch Secretary. In non-work criminal matters and for family members; arrangements regarding funding will be a private matter between the member and the Solicitors. Preferential discounted terms will be provided to Union members in these instances. Under Rule assistance is not provided where member is pleading Guilty to an offence unless there are exceptional circumstances to be considered.
In addition, advice and assistance in relation to criminal matters, prior to being formally charged will also be given. This will cover matters such as driving offences and other minor non‑imprisonable cases. This service will only apply to members in respect of work-related incidents. The members via Branch Secretaries can access assistance by completing Form L3. If members are in receipt of a Summons to appear in a Magistrates Court, this should be sent to the Legal Department Maritime House Clapham Old Town London SW4 0JW as a matter of urgency,  along with other relevant details such as membership number and a daytime contact telephone number.
The Union provides advice on all advice and non-work related and Union matters for members in England & Wales and Northern Ireland the service is available on the RMT. Helpline, 0800 376 3706, Monday to Friday between 08.00 to 18:00 hours, and Saturdays 09.30 to 16:00 hours.
As the legal system is slightly different in Scotland, and Southern Ireland. Thompsons Scotland and MJ O Connor will operate a Helpline for all Scottish and Republic of Ireland members Mondays to Fridays between 09.00 and 17.00 hours. Telephone 0800 328 1014  ( Scotland) and Southern Ireland 086-3866467
Should members not be able to get through to the numbers in Ireland and Scotland then they should call the RMT helpline for assistance
All member are eligible for a free basic Will without charge to members and spouses /partners. A charge will only be made for any Will involving complex matters such as specialist life interests; discretionary trusts; care home protection; foreign property; business assets abroad; foreign business assets home or abroad and estate planning for tax purposes and anything deemed complex. Should members require specialist wills then arrangements must be made with the solicitors but in all cases special discount rates will be offered to RMT members.
In England; Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland this service is provided by BBH a subsidiary of Thompsons and is offered on line:
[email protected] / Tel 0151 326 2188
In the Republic of Ireland this service is provided by MJ O’Connor. Email [email protected] quoting Free Will Request. Tel 086-3866467
All Solicitors will provide free matrimonial enquiries to members, should members wish to use the services of the solicitors they will be offered discounted rates for RMT members.  To access Family referral call the RMT helpline on 0800 376 3706 in all instances.
In addition to all the above our Union has its own In House Legal Department which is staffed by 4 solicitors. To access the legal department you can call 0207 084 7260 should you have a problem accessing the above.
Please bring these matters to the attention of members and activists
Yours sincerely

Breakdown in Industrial Relations: LUL Signals

It has been brought to our attention that numerous changes have been occurring across LUL Signals, with minimum or no discussion. These have in some cases been minor and in others completely break agreements and working practices that we have had for in some cases decades.


The final straw has been the Point Care Gang, the RMT have been supportive of this team and had reached agreement with management over their use, skill set and work location. This now appears to have been ignored and we will not allow our agreements to be destroyed. These include:

  1. Use of Signal Staff to not do track work
  2. Use of Track Staff to not do Signal Work
  3. Home depot
  4. Work remit and area

This alone would be enough but we have also seen unilateral changes to IRSE Licences that people hold, higher grade working use, level transfers being interfered with and enough is enough.


We have demanded that LUL abide by our agreements and reinstae the status quo by Friday 17th May, or else we will be in dispute on LUL BCV/ SSL Signals.


We remain available for talks

Lucy Parker’s film is now complete! Premiere at Sheffield Docs Fest in June

Dear All,

City Projects has been working with Lucy Parker for over 4 years and we are very excited to announce that her film Solidarity is complete!

Lucy Parker’s debut feature-length film will have its World Premiere at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

The Premiere is on Saturday 8th June at 11.15am, and there is an additional screening on Sunday 9th June at 11.30am, both at the Light Cinema, Sheffield. There will be a Q&A at both screenings.

Tickets and info here

BFI’s Georgia Korossi has chosen Solidarity as one of 10 films to look out for at the festival (read the review here)

Thanks to all of you who have taken part, donated or helped out in any way with the film. We are really looking forward to sharing it with you.

We hope some of you will be able to make it, and if not we’ll keep you up to date with further screenings around the UK.

Protection Staff Morsons and Cleshar

The RMT are very close to completing its ballot matrix for all protection staff that work on London Underground Contracts for Morsons and Cleashars.


This has been a lengthy and complex matter, but it is important to get it right.


The companies affected should be notified by your union that their level of pay is unacceptable to our members and that we intend to fight for an increase.


Ballot papers will follow within the next few weeks and we will keep you udated