Without Equality we Have Nothing

Without Equality we have nothing. For generations those that came before has have had to fight for what we have, whether that’s the right to vote or the NHS. It is the inalienable duty of us all to fight for a fair society and to this branch and your union, that is the key facet for what we do. We fight for what we have and we will fight and fight until we have real equality in our life’s and workplaces.


We have a diverse membership, young and old, female and male, disabled, straight and gay, many different cultures and backgrounds. The one thing we all share is that we are people. Just working people trying to make a living. I don’t expect much in life, but I do demand, and I stress demand that everyone is just treated as a person first and foremost. We were all born, we will live and we will die, there is no inequality in that, we are just people.


Your union is always here to support this battle, whether it’s through education and negotiation or whether it’s through legal action. We say no to racism, sexism, ageism and all forms of discrimination. It’s imperative that we win these fights, not only for us, but to honour those that came before and those that will come after.