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RMT Credit Union

The LUEngineering Branch passed the below resolution to go to the London Transport Regional Council.


This is the first step to making RMT policy and shows how our union democracy works. If passed this then goes before our union’s National Executive who, once accepted, will make sure the actions are carried out.


Resolution: RMT Credit Union


This region notes the likely collapse of Wonga Pay Day Loan Company and condemns the shoddy antics of that company and the banking sector as a whole. They’ve driven the world into austerity whilst pocketing millions in bonuses whilst working people have picked up the cost.

We therefore call on the NEC to:
1. Write to each member advising them of our own credit union with the benefits of a not for profit organisation.
2. Send quarterly updates to each Branch and Region promoting and informing them of our Credit Union and services it provides.
3. Invite a speaker on the Credit Union to the next AGM to promote its virtues