LUL Pay and Night Tube

May 17, 2015

To all RMT members in LUL, Pay and night tube update

Today and earlier this week on Monday I met LUL directors, with our senior reps to discuss and negotiate on pay 2015 and night tube arrangements.

Once again no new offer was made .

As members will know LUL have so far tabled a offer of
Pay .. This is effectively a pay cut

2015 …0.75%

Night tube

£500 ( £750 for track/ signals & Train Ops) non consolidated ” ONEOFF”(in two or three parts) payment for ALL CHANGES EVER to do with the impact of, changes to numerous agreements and adverse working caused by night tube.

I have told Nick Brown LULs C.O.O that our union has spent decades building up our agreements that protect members from the adverse impact of shift working , that provide structure and rights at work …that have been worked to by hard negotiation , by old style managers making joint agreements with the RMT and the other unions, which all parties honour and stick with .These agreements made life better for our members and of course are supported by thousands of RMT members and the other unions in the Underground. It would be wrong beyond measure to throw all that away for a night tube that no ones funded properly or worked out the logistics of … and certainly not at the cost of our members work life balance / rights and agreements … Oh and they want a no strike deal too!

The talks have now been adjourned . We are available. We are not in dispute . Despite that LUL have advised us that they want to go to ACAS to assist them ? How that will help I have no idea . We have told them , as have all the unions have the offer is in both parts wholeheartedly inadequate and fails to address the critical point of sticking with agreements. And we could never agree to a no strike deal . Those points need to be addressed by LUL rather than calling in ACAS


John Leach
RMT Regional Organiser
London Transport
Region 11

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