Blacklist Support Group update – 11th January 2016

January 11, 2016

  1. High Court

The High Court litigation has reached a crucial point with the companies offering money in an attempt to buy themselves out of any justice. Many blacklisted workers have point blankly rejected the insulting offers and are determined to carry on to full trial. Blacklist Support Group is holding collective consultation meetings for claimants in the High Court today at 5:30pm (Monday 11th Jan). The UNITE National Construction Committee is also meeting to discuss the latest developments today.

Next High Court hearing dates:

21-22 January 2016


  1. Scotland

Scottish SNP government proposed new regulations have the potential to ban from public contracts, companies in breach of blacklisting regulations or who admit blacklisting. This is a significant step forward and a tribute to the long hard campaign fought by all the blacklisted workers, unions and comrades in different political parties in Scotland. Obviously, we wait to see if the proposals are fully implemented but blacklisted workers would like to see other public authorities implementing similar measures. At the BSG parliamentary meeting before Xmas, shadow chancellor John McDonnell MP told blacklisted workers that Labour is in the process of drawing up new guidelines for Labour Councils on public procurement which would also exclude blacklisting firms.


  1. Anfield protest against Carillion

Blacklist Support Group are linking up with the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and the Merseyside Construction Committee to protest against the use of the notorious blacklisting firm Carillion to build the new stand at the televised Liverpool v Man Utd match this coming Sunday. Football is a working class game. Undercover police have conspired to infiltrate both trade unions and the grieving Hillsborough families and their campaigns. Two struggles, One fight for justice. (Banner image attached). Great work by Roy Bentham.

Sunday 17th January 2016


Main Stand Anfield

Liverpool Football Club

Speakers: Sheila Coleman, Ricky Tomlinson, Dave Smith (BSG), Joe Rollins of the Orgreave Justice Campaign and Ian Prowse with the latter singing the iconic ‘My name is Dessie Warren’ song.


  1. Undercover police spying on activists

Scotland – after a meeting in Holyrood and numerous revelations in the Scottish media, there was a debate in the Scottish parliament with MSPs calling for a full public inquiry in Scotland similar to Pitchford. The Scottish government has now written to Lord Justice Pitchford. Well done Neil Findlay MSP

Full verbatim report of the debate:


Bob Lambert MBE, head of the Special Demonstration Squad has resigned from his academic posts after campaigns by activists


Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (COPS) public meeting (flyer attached)

Thursday 21st January 2016 – 6:30pm

UNITE the Union



Pitchford Inquiry pre-hearings continue at Royal Courts of Justice::

27th January – discussing burden of proof

2nd March – discussing immunity


Women activists get recognised in Guardian’s alternative New Years Honours List – richly deserved.

Various Press:


  1. National Construction Rank & File meeting

Sat 6th February

Jury’s Inn



  1. Asbestos companies spied on safety activists




Blacklist Support Group







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