Blacklist Update

May 3, 2016
  1. High Court

Construction firms pay out millions to settle more blacklisting claims but the fight for justice continues.


  1. Hillsborough

Blacklist Support Group would like to pay tribute to the tremendous campaign by the families and supporters of the 96 football fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough. Their 27 year campaign for justice has finally been vindicated in court with the verdict of unlawful killing. The Hillsborough campaigns are an inspiration to millions around the world and prove that when we are steadfast in our fight for the truth, even the rich and powerful will be brought to account in the end.


  1. Third elected MSP found on blacklist


Academic who criticized Police Scotland is on blacklist – but his file has been destroyed


  1. Workers Memorial Day


  1. Scottish Labour Election Manifesto:

“A Scottish Labour Government will stand up for citizens’ individual rights and protect the Human Rights Act. We will right the wrongs for the people denied that basic human right to work — a Scottish Labour Government will deliver a full inquiry into the practice of blacklisting trade unionists in Scotland”.


  1. ‘Blacklisted’ is shortlisted for the Bread & Roses book award 2016

Sat 7th May at London Radical Bookfair


  1. Strikes & Protests

North Sea


Solidarity with scaffs and labourers striking for one rate for the job at the Polmadie waste-to-energy site, Glasgow. Next 48 hour strike Tuesday 3 May

NG Bailey – direct employment


Victimized union activists:


  1. Undercover police



Blacklist Support Group







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