July 27, 2015

A Unite shop steward has just been sacked while working at Morgan Stanley Investment Bank in Canary Wharf after he asked for direct employment for all the electricians he represents. The company is D&D, who are sub-contracting for Phoenix Electrical who are a JIB registered company. Under JIB rules, all labour on site should be directly employed. This had actually been agreed in principle but when the steward actually asked to go on the cards, he was immediately dismissed.


We are not standing for this.

Casualisation is the scourge of the UK workplace. Zero hours contracts, agencies, temporary contracts and umbrella companies. But we don’t have to simply accept this erosion of working conditions and legal rights. We can fightback and demand direct employment. If you want to fight back against the tide of casualisation & have a pop at global capitalism at the same time – join the picket:

Monday 27th July – 6:30am onwards

Morgan Stanley

25 Cabot Square

Canary Wharf


Morgan Stanley rule the world and Canary Wharf is the spiritual home for financial capitalism. If the construction firms want to have a fight about workers rights – we’re happy to have it there.


Everyone welcome, especially any legal observers (as the private security and police might get heavy).



BREAKING: The industrial relations consultant representing the electrical companies in the Morgan Stanley sacking is Frank Westerman.

The ex-Amicus official now works as a freelance consultant for the major construction employers, including Skanska and other multinational firms responsible for blacklisting trade union members. Frank Westerman’s name appears as the source of information on a number of Consulting Association blacklist files, especially in relation to electricians who worked on the Jubilee Line. Westerman denies ever deliberately grassing up his members to the bosses and any other wrongdoing. He himself has a blacklist file from his youth as a shop steward.

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