November 28, 2015
  1. Women activists win major breakthrough in undercover policing scandal

The Met Police have apologised publicly to the women activists who were deceived into long term relationships with undercover police officers. Until now the police would ‘Neither Confirm Nor Deny’ whether the men involved were even police officers. The apology is a major breakthrough and should be read by everybody on the ‘Spies Out of Lives’ website. The apology from the Met Police to the women activists should set the tone for the kind of apology blacklisted workers should expect from the construction employers.

The institutional sexism of the police and the detail of the abuse will be investigated fully by the Pitchford Inquiry into Undercover policing of which the women are all ‘core participants’. The fight by these women activists against the might of the British secret state is heroic. They are an inspiration to our movement and the Blacklist Support Group are honoured to have worked alongside the campaign. Helen Steel and other women activists also appear on the construction industry blacklist. We are immensely proud of you all.,-now-what-about-the-blacklist


  1. Day of Action on Blacklisting – Monday 7th December 2015

9am – High Court blacklisting group litigation (meet outside the Royal Courts of Justice for photo-opportunity)

6pm – Westminster Parliament – with John McDonnell MP

9pm – Xmas celebration drinks

This is the first legal hearing since the employers admitted their guilt and apologised for their role in the Economic League and Consulting Association blacklisting scandal. Bring your banners and your ‘Blacklisted’ t-shirts


  1. Scotland

Following our recent meeting in the Scottish parliament – there have been major articles in the quality press:


  1. Corporate & state spying on union activists in USA


  1. Construction industry

Teesside PayTheRate protest comes to Liverpool

Umbrella Scam –

Sickness –


  1. Victimisation of CWU union reps Clive Walder and John Vasey

Support them on social media via #ReinstateCliveandJohn #SupportCWU2


  1. Don’t forget that ‘Blacklisted’ book makes a great Xmas prezzie for all the family (apparently)



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