'Blacklisting, Bullying & Blowing the Whistle' conference

August 8, 2016

John McDonnell is just one of many high profile speakers confirmed to speak at the ‘Blacklisting, Bullying & Blowing the Whistle’ conference at University of Greenwich on 16-17 September.

This conference is co-hosted by the Blacklist Support Group (BSG) and the Work & Employment Rights Unit (WERU) set to expose the hidden underbelly of the modern workplace often ignored by the mainstream media and academia. The conference is FREE to delegates and is ideal for union members, students, lawyers, journalists and TUC diploma courses – in fact anyone with an interest in improving employment rights for working people.


The conference is smack in the middle of TUC & Labour Party conference and just days before the close of the Labour Party leadership election closes and is bound to attract media coverage.

Runing alongside the conference is supporting artwork by a number of contemporary artists and photographers, coordinated by Art Against Blacklisting
Booking is strongly recommended.  Please circulate to your mailing lists.



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