Blacklisting Event

January 13, 2016

Liverpool football fans who have been blacklisted by construction companies for being members of a trade union or raising concerns about safety on building sites will be holding a protest against the use of Carillion to build the new stand at Anfield at the Liverpool v Man United this Sunday.


Blacklist Support Group are linking up with the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and the Merseyside Construction Committee at the televised Liverpool v Man Utd match.

Sunday 17th January 2016


Main Stand Anfield

Liverpool Football Club

Assemble: Albert Pub next to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign shop.


Invited speakers: Sheila Coleman (Hillsborough Justice Campaign), Ricky Tomlinson, Dave Smith (blacklisted by Carillion), Joe Rollins (Orgreave Justice Campaign) and Ian Prowse with the latter singing the iconic ‘My name is Dessie Warren’ song.


Football is a working class game. Undercover police have conspired to infiltrate both trade unions and the grieving Hillsborough families fighting for justice. Two struggles, One fight for justice.


Carillion are currently defendants in the blacklisting High Court group litigation set for full trail in May. The firm has already made an apology to the court, admitting their active involvement in the notorious Economic League and Consulting Association blacklisting scandal over a period of decades.


Sunday’s protest has been organised by Roy Bentham, himself a blacklisted carpenter from Liverpool and leading figure in both the Blacklist Support Group and Spirit of Shankly, the unofficial Liverpool football fans union. Roy Bentham commented:

“Carillion are only sorry they got caught and not for what they were systematically complicit in. No one has ever been disciplined or let alone sacked for indulging in this insidious practice against construction workers who are lifelong supporters of Liverpool Football Club.

We don’t just want this rogue company kicked off this project, we want them kicked out of this proud working class city”

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