Blacklisting: General Election

May 4, 2017

Every political party in the General Election is claiming to be the voice of the workers. Blacklisted construction workers know the score.


  1. Labour pledges a public inquiry into blacklisting: That gets our vote!

This pledge was announced by John McDonnell in St.George’s Hall, Liverpool last week in front of the huge Blacklist Support Group banner.


  1. Article in today’s Morning Star exposing the failure of the ECGR and British courts to protect blacklisted workers and challenging political parties to grant basic employment rights to all workers in the UK. If workers rights cannot be protected by judges in the UK or the European Court of Human Rights then it is time to change statutory legislation.


  1. In the same week as the ECHR ruling above, blacklisted electrician Frank Morris, is sacked again. This time on an NHS hospital. Let’s hear candidates queue up to call for Frank Morris to be reinstated.

Reel News video:


  1. Spycops

New 59 page ruling from the undercover police public inquiry. Releasing the cover names of undercover police officers who spied on activists is a ‘priority’ but Lord Justice Pitchford allows Met Police another 12 months extension to carry out ‘risk assessments’ in preparation for more anonymity applications. But the police are not engaged in ‘delaying tactics’, oh no.

Victims boycott Scottish police internal investigation

Scottish activist spied on by police seeks judicial review to win a Scottish inquiry

Other than John McDonnell and Jenny Jones, most politicians have been surprisingly quiet about the spycops scandal.


  1. May Day greetings from the Blacklist Support Group to all sisters, brothers & comrades fighting for their rights around the globe.


  1. Dates for the diary:

Friday 5th May – Blacklisted worker turned academic Dr Jack Fawbert speaking on Corporate Crime 7 Blacklisting at Anglia ruskin University in Cambridge

22nd May – Last day to register to vote in General Election


  1. And finally:

Congratulations to the blacklisted workers and rank & file activists elected to represent construction on the UNITE Executive Council Frank MorrisRoyston BenthamTony Seaman & Joseph Pisano


Blacklist Support Group


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