Blacklisting High Court latest figures

April 9, 2016
  1. Blacklisting High Court latest figures:

Over 180 blacklisted workers settled their claims after renewed offers from the firms in the past 2-3 weeks. The estimated cost to the firms for these cases alone is in the region of £15-20million plus legal costs (which could be considerably more).
There are 154 live claims remaining (across all legal teams) plus 82 recently issued new claims. The next hearing is a Pre-Trial Review on 21st April. The full trial starts on 9th May and is scheduled to run until 31st July.





  1. Corporate Criminals

Blacklist Support Group teamed up with the ‘BP or not BP?‘ campaign to host a rebel exhibition inside the British Museum last weekend to highlight the unethical relationship of cultural institutions and corporate criminals. One exhibit was a Hart Hat artwork by BSG Artist in Residence, which has now been donated to the official collection under the Museums Act.


  1. Radical Film Network conference – blacklisting workshop with Shaun Dey (Reel News), Stewart Hume (UNITE), Phil Chamberlain & dave Smith



29th April – May 2nd


  1. Major spycops conference

Doreen Lawrence, John McDonnell, Imran Khan, Diane Abbott, Jenny Jones, Helen Steel & Dave Smith all confirmed speakers

Subvesrion, Sabotage & Spying conference – with blacklisting as one of the workshops

16-17 April 2016

South Bank Uni


Blacklist Support Group







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