Branch Meeting 7th March

March 6, 2018

Branch Meetings

Things we discuss:


  1. Equality in the Workplace.
  2. Lastest News from your area
  3. Last Meeting Matters Arising such as:
  4. MIS Local Level Meeting:  Report on cleaners were being given block joint testers to test blockjoints
  5. District Signals: Report on the issue of the cameras in IMRs.
  6. Flexible Working: Report on his flexible working request.
  7. COMMs Vacancies: Report on the vacancies in their area.
  8. Suspended Member: Report on a person that has been suspended for six months and no one is investigating the case.
  9. Trainers in Track Skills: Reported on the meeting with the reps today and the plethora of issues in that area, that was now affecting safety.
  10. Carillion Liquidation: Reports on the latest news and meetings with TfL and Cleshar
  11. Vinci Changes to Terms and Conditions: Meeting had taken place and were now preparing a counter proposal

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