Branch Request to Ballot Tube Lines Northern Track

March 21, 2017

The LUEngineering Branch has received a request to ballot all track members on the Northern Line over an over zealous and incorrect interpretation of the Attendance Policy by two members of HR.

On two occasions now, RMT members have had their sick pay stopped for being off sick with ‘leisure’ related illness. In both cases, the members had been playing football and had not been previously warned by the company that their sick pay would be at risk should they hurt themselves. This is clearly a ridiculous situation, where people are trying to keep fit and healthy and are now penalised for their efforts.

What next, are we going to discipline people for picking up the remote control of their TV’s now in case they put their back out!

We call on Tube Lines to be sensible and reinstate the members pay. Urgent talks will now be called with senior management and in the meantime, we will produce a ballot matrix should a satisfactory outcome not be achieved

UPDATE: Following discussions with senior management they agreed that they would reinstate the members in question’s sick pay. They would be reminded of the policy and warned that sick pay may be stopped if this happened again. We thank them for their prompt and sensible actions in these cases

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