Breakdown in Industrial Relations: LUL Signals

May 16, 2019

It has been brought to our attention that numerous changes have been occurring across LUL Signals, with minimum or no discussion. These have in some cases been minor and in others completely break agreements and working practices that we have had for in some cases decades.


The final straw has been the Point Care Gang, the RMT have been supportive of this team and had reached agreement with management over their use, skill set and work location. This now appears to have been ignored and we will not allow our agreements to be destroyed. These include:

  1. Use of Signal Staff to not do track work
  2. Use of Track Staff to not do Signal Work
  3. Home depot
  4. Work remit and area

This alone would be enough but we have also seen unilateral changes to IRSE Licences that people hold, higher grade working use, level transfers being interfered with and enough is enough.


We have demanded that LUL abide by our agreements and reinstae the status quo by Friday 17th May, or else we will be in dispute on LUL BCV/ SSL Signals.


We remain available for talks

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