Chaos on District Line

August 12, 2015

Chaos on District Line as action short of a strike bites leaving severe train shortages


The District line has lost more than a third of its trains this morning due to the union work to rule in the depots which has been ongoing as part of the Night Tube dispute.


Tube bosses have attempted to put in stopped trains which are near their maximum kilometres but those can only do short trips as they are on the very edge of their safety tolerances. Those in charge haven’t a clue where train units are overnight due to units being put anywhere due to lack of depot space. The union suspects that even the concessions are being fudged just to get trains in.


Today the action short of a strike has really hit home and the impact is set to escalate. The entire Wimbledon & Ealing Broadway service branches had to be suspended earlier due to the severe lack of trains.


RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;


“Tube bosses have tried to cover up the impact of the action short of a strike which is continuing across the network and which is hitting services hard with the impact set to escalate.


“RMT will be raising again today serious concerns that safety tolerances are being fudged and breached to try and keep services running, threatening passengers and staff alike.


“The solution to this dispute is serious negotiations around the work/life balance issues that have led to the action, not a cavalier attitude to safety to try and cover up the impact. “

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