Cleshar's Patrolling Dispute Settled

June 12, 2016

Following lengthy talks, LUL and the RMT have reached an agreement that will see an end to Cleshars employed staff undertaking patrolling and the work will again revert to fully trained LUL staff.

This dispute was ensuring long term job security for our members in LUL and this has been achieved. It was also not about worker against worker and LUL have also stated that staff with T001 qualifications that apply for any future vacancies will likely be employed as has been the case already. However, we can also not allow a race to the bottom to exist that will drag all worker’s down.

The RMT’s long term aim is ALL staff working on LUL are employed by LUL to ensure decent pay and conditions. It also allows staff to fully work safely without any fear of repercussions. End the contracting companies and keep the workers

The full agreement is below.

Track Patrolling Cleshars Staff Dispute Resolution Agreement

  1. This agreement does not form part of any night tube agreement and the BCV nights track staff will be party to any further additional enhancements should they exceed those agreed in sections 6 and 7 below.
  1. Cleshars staff will not be trained or assessed for patrolling from the date of this agreement.
  1. During the period up to 31st Dec 2016 a pool of Track Operatives will be identified and trained to T001 to cover any shortfall of Skilled Ops on HGW.
  1. RMT agree for rosters to be changed to Monday to Friday for Bakerloo Line Track Nights staff and Sunday to Thursday for Victoria and Central Line track staff. The existing B&V roster will be ended. The rosters will change from no sooner than 1st week of June with the date to be agreed as soon as practicable
  1. Staff who do not wish to change to the appropriate roster for their line will be required to specify a location of their preference and volunteers sought there to swap shifts. However if no volunteers are forthcoming these staff will be required to transfer (or swap) to the nearest gang vacancy that can accommodate their existing working pattern.
  1. Existing B&V Nights track staff (i.e. those in post at 4th April 2016) who currently work a roster that attracts 7 banked rest days will retain their seven additional rest days for 2016. From Jan 2017 that will reduce to 4 days each year.

These rest days:

  • will not be contractual in the event of retirement or leaving the company
  • must be taken throughout the year and cannot be carried over
  • will be retained by these staff if promoted to other operational grades that operate the same roster pattern within B&V track nights
  • do not require the staff to work any additional rostered time over 35hrs/week to generate them


  1. From the implementation of the new rosters the existing B&V Track Inspectors and Section Inspection Managers (i.e. those in post at 4th April 2016) who work permanent nights will receive 2 rest days for 2016. From 2017 this will increase to 4 days each year.


The conditions associated with these rest days are the same as those attached to 6 a) to d) above.



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