Corbyn & Burnham pledge a public inquiry for blacklisting

June 12, 2016
  1. Corbyn & Burnham pledge a public inquiry for blacklisting

This week both Jeremy Corbyn and Andy Burnham made speeches praising the Blacklist Support Group and calling for a full public inquiry into blacklisting. The Leader of the Labour Party made his speech at the GMB conference in Bournemouth while the Shadow Home Secretary raised the issue during a debate in the House of Commons over the Investigatory Powers Bill.

Corbyn speech to GMB congress

Andy Burnham’s full speech (from 952 in Hansard)…/160…/InvestigatoryPowersBill


  1. Undercover police spying on activists


  1. Dave Smith trial

The twice adjourned trial following dave Smith’s arrest for protesting against blacklisting will take place on Thurs 9th – Fri 10th June at City of London Magistrates Court (next to Bank tube station).
It’s a public gallery, so anyone who wants to come along is more than welcome. BSG protest outside the court from 9:15am


  1. After the High Court admission of guilt – stop giving publicly funded contracts to blacklist firms


  1. More construction workers killed in Qatar


  1. Art Against Blacklisting

Support the Blacklist Support Group campaign song

Blacklist Number 1 by Sean Taylor

Download the song –

Share the video –


Art Against Blacklisting at Glastonbury


Any Means Necessary – play by Kefi Chadwick

special read one off exclusive through in London next Wednesday 15th June – contact Kefi for tickets


Blacklist Support Group







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