December Transformation Report – Cherry Picking

December 27, 2017

Below is a report on the latest Transformation Negotiations from our reps.


“We have come across another obstacle today which is pan Transformation and something which we all felt needs a clear and constant approach.


As such we have insisted on a meeting with Colin Game on Jan 2nd before we go any further.


The basic issue is in some work streams  they are mixing pools ie ADs & SMs, SMs & MMs, MMs & Band 4s and trying to pick and choose where they will map someone upwards ie a MMJ seconded as a Band 4 proposal is to map that person directly into the Band 4 post, yet in another, a SM is seconded as a MM but they will not map that person into the MM role and have said they must go back to their substantive grades pool.


We feel this is open to abuse by management to appoint “cherry pick” who they want etc. Hence we need a consistent approach.



The lead from the meeting this morning Rick Taylor was really trying to get us to commit to something there and then today which has made me very suspicious of his motive, but obviously we insisted that we met with Game (ER) to consult relating to all Streams not just the one we were in today.”

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