Do you want to be an RMT Rep?

November 4, 2019

We elect all our representatives and officers for the branch every year in November.


So if you wish to be a rep or support someone else that does, then please come to the Branch AGM


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What a rep does?


Union Reps: They represent you. They should listen to your views and make sure management hear and act on what our members want. They are here to help you if you have problems and if you get in trouble. Sometimes it will seem like the only friend you have is your union rep. So support them to support you


Health and Safety Reps: We come to work to earn money, not to go home in a body bag or hurt. Unionised work places are safer. We work together with companies and sometimes in conflict to make sure that our work places are safe. Your reps carry out inspections and investigations and regularly meet with companies to ensure it is safe at work


Union Learner Reps: We want everyone to fulfil their potential. That can be through pay and conditions but also through education. Union Learner Reps are here to help you through education. They can help you find courses and maybe get release from work and funding




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