Engineering Train Operator Dispute

September 2, 2016

Over the last few weeks, the RMT have been in dispute with Tube Lines over pay parity for Engineering Train Operatives and obtaining a 6.3% Pay Rise.

Talks have been very productive with management stating that they will pay the increase providing it does not add cost to the business. To quote them ‘ouwt for nowt’.

The RMT and have therefore been in talks regarding how to achieve this (along with our sister union, Aslef).

The main areas of discussion have been

  1. The role of Assistant Drivers and training to become Engineering Train Drivers (on a voluntary basis) to allow better use of these staff.
  2. The need for all trains to have Assists such as where the train doesn’t split and goes in one direction such as hoppers, 633, 634, Elks that do not split, GP’s. Also using them to fill vacancies on the Marshalling Yard
  3.  Varying Rosters to suit staff and company needs. With additional staff it would be possible to produce a roster similar to that currently used by Tamper crews.

The main thrust of these meetings have been cordial and are movign forward. They are underpinned by ALL proposals will be discussed with our members and nothing will be agreed without full details and their acceptance.

However, we have not yet achieved any definitive agreement therefore our members have requested and NEC agreed to call the following strike action:

  • For all shifts after 05:59 on Friday 9th until 05:59 on Sunday 11th September


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