'Fear is contagious, but not as contagious as courage'

June 9, 2015

Our Branch and Union will soon be heading into an unparalleled period of Industrial unrest and attacks from the Tory Government. Even our very own right to strike is being restricted in an attempt to strangle the life out of the Trade Union Movement. Attacks over pay and conditions will heighten and the spectre of Night Tube looms over us as an LUL management try to impose this vanity project on our members.

But it is worth remembering the power of the RMT lies within us all. Unity is our strength and determination to stand up and say no lays within our grasp. I felt it would be worth remembering some of Bob’s quotes and how he would be rallying us all to rise up and fear no one. Our members are never on their knees.

‘Fear is contagious, but not as contagious as courage’

‘If you fight you may lose, if you don’t fight you will always lose’

‘If one person spits it won’t make a difference, but if we all spit, we’ll drown the bastards’

‘Once again Tube management have jumped the gun and are trying to impose policies without agreement.’

‘It’s an ultimatum by LUL (London Underground Limited); it’s like Henry Ford saying you can have any colour you want as long as it’s black.’


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