Fighting the latest Transformation LUL

June 1, 2019

LUL have been forcing through large job cuts in Asset Operations and other areas that also include the Track Access Controllers and Learning and Skills development.


Additionally, we are also seeing a large scale attempt to privatise part of the work that is currently done by DSM at Acton and this is not acceptable to your union.


Despite requests to go to Acas and to follow our Agreements, LUL have refused to cooperate with the RMT.


These Agreements were made prior to the failed Privatisation of Tube Maintenance to Metronet and Tube Lines and enshrined how we negotiate any changes such as these and how we prove the proposals are Safe.


Not content with this attack on our ‘jobs for life deal’, LUL are now attacking our Roster Agreements for Metronet and Tube Lines, see below


CMO Roster Agreement Click Here



Tube Lines roster agreement Click here


We have demanded LUL stop these attacks and get round the table with your union in the agreed fashion and we have asked our NEC to ballot all of Tube Lines and LUL Signals for strike action and action short of strike.

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