Fighting Transphobia

January 5, 2017


 The RMT National LGBT Members’ Conference last year called for a new poster to be produced about transphobia in line with the union’s on-going fight against all forms of discrimination.  I am now pleased to enclose a copy of this poster along with TUC guidance for trade union activists to support trans members (which is also available at

By way of definition, transphobia is fear, discrimination or hatred against people who have changed their gender from the one they were assigned at birth (transgender) and/or against people who do not present or identify as either male or female.  In addition, people who are born with bodies with both male and female elements (intersex) may also suffer from transphobia whether or not they consider themselves as a transperson.

The colours of the poster are from the transgender community flag.  The colours of pink and blue represent male and female gender with the ground between them.  The symbol is the transgender symbol, with the male and female symbols and combining them.

Should you have any queries please contact our Equal Opportunities Officer, Jess Webb, on [email protected]




Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash

General Secretary                                                                                                                 Enc.                                                    


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