Huge Action Planned for Section 15

February 2, 2016


Further to Head Office Circular NP/252/15, 15th December 2015, and following the ballot result showing overwhelming support for industrial action your National Executive Committee has taken the decision to instruct all members covered by this dispute at LUL and Tubelines NOT TO BOOK ON FOR SHIFTS that commence between:

  • 0630 Friday 12th February 2016 and 0629 on Saturday 13th February2016
  • 0630 and 1829 on Sunday 6th March 2016
  • 0630 Friday 25th March 2016 and 0629 Saturday 26th March 2016
  • 0630 Sunday 27th March 2016 and 0629 Monday 28th March 2016
  • 0630 and 1829 on Sunday 24th April 2016
  • 0630 and 1829 on Sunday 15th May 2016
  • 0630 and 1829 on Sunday 12th June 2016

Members are also instructed to take action short of a strike by doing: no work of any kind in a section 15 possession, and by taking meal breaks as per agreements.

I urge you all to support this action and demand that the Company takes action to resolve the issues at the heart of this dispute.

The Lead Officer has also raised concerns over staff in Service Control and similar grades that these staff are faced with additional workloads and duties due to the imposition of the Section 15 Possession arrangements and the National Executive Committee have instructed that we inform LUL that staff in these grades are also in dispute with the company and will be balloted for industrial action.




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