Italian state Railway to plunder Britain's railways

December 18, 2015

Now Government opens door to Italian state to plunder Britain’s railways


In a written statement today the Government have confirmed the list of bidders given a “fast track” passport to soak up lucrative franchises on Britain’s rip-off railways.

As well as the usual list of chancers, failures, spivs and foreign state operators, a new face has emerged, “Trenitalia” – an operation owned by the Italian state.

The announcement follows the confirmation last week that Arriva/DB Schenker will be taking over Northern Rail.

RMT General Secretary  Mick Cash said:

“With over three quarters of Britain’s train operations owned by overseas state companies the Government have now decided to widen the “fast track” route to the great British rail rip-off by opening the door to the Italian state operator – Trenitalia. They are following in the footsteps of the German, Dutch, French and Chinese state rail companies.

“Along with the usual gang of failures and rip off merchants we now face the prospect of rail services in Romford being plundered to subsidise rail services in Rome. That is a scandal which proves conclusively that this rotten Government will happily have any state running our rail services as long as it isn’t the British state.

“RMT will continue to fight this nonsense and will battle for a railway owned and run by the British public in the interest of safe and efficient services.”

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