LUEngineering APP – ‘My APP’ nears launch

November 17, 2020

The new LUEngineering APP and website is nearing its official launch and will be a replacement to our existing app and website.


We are in BETA testing and also updating text (hence why there is still some text filler, ‘Lorum Ipsum’) and content but thought people might like a quick look at the work we are doing.


We are looking to improve functionality to our APP and website and also introduce anonymous and confidential incident reporting that we believe will be beneficial to all our members especially those that are classified as vulnerable.


We want to engage and talk to our members and we hope that once working, that you will see it as an essential part of your trade union membership.


We also hope that it becomes a platform for other branches and grades to also produce further and more diverse ways to communicate with you all.



Sneak APP view

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