LUL Asset Operations (Boxing Day Ballot)

December 2, 2017

London Underground Signalling Staff (former Metronet areas ONLY) that work for Incident and Maintence Departments and those in the Fault Report Centre are now receiving their ballot papers regarding Boxing Day Working.


This dispute has occurred following many years of discussions with management, whereby our members views, that we need to minimise Boxing Day working through better planning and accept that this is not a normal working day and should attract a premium as occurs in other areas. Management’s view is different and we have seen ever increasing amounts of people being made to work and this is not acceptable.


We are therefore left with no choice but to ballot over this issue and we urge all members to vote and vote yes.


The importance of VOTING


Due to the Anti-Trade Union Laws, especially the new 2016 Trade Union , means that it is far harder to now legally take strike action.


Under the Law we need:

  1. At least 50% of those entitled to vote in a ballot must have voted in all cases
  2. 40% percent of those entitled to vote in the ballot have voted ‘yes’ to strike action

That means no one can sit back and wait. It means that you need to vote.


So please put your cross onto the ballot and send it back urgently.


This ballot does not include Project Staff in Signals.

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