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June 17, 2015



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ALL London Underground Workers will be receiving Ballot papers through their letter boxes in the next few days. This is a massive dispute by anyone’s standards and ALL the Tube Unions are standing together (RMT, Aslef and TSSA) and any strike is likely to have a massive impact across London. It is the actions of LUL that have driven those unions into dispute through sham talks and. The new Tory Government has stated their intention to change the law on Balloting to make it harder to take Industrial Action on the Tube, so it is vitally important that people get out and return those ballot papers as soon as they arrive.  Let’s show any changes in the Law will not defeat our right to fight.

PAY & Night Tube

LUL are demanding the Unions accept a below Inflation Pay Rise of a measly 0.75% effective from 1st April 2015, and an RPI increase in 2016. Also included, in return for the future operation of Night Tube, is a non-consolidated lump sum payment for all COO and CPD Operational to be paid at two stages of £250, making £500 in total. Train Drivers and Track and Signals staff only would be offered a further £250 for Night Tube running. Even then the extra £250 is ONLY paid to affected staff and not everyone (i.e. day signal and track staff are not being offered the extra £250). If that was not bad enough LUL have now decided to start imposition talks on how they intend to implement these changes. That in short is a declaration that they intend to drive a steam roller through our agreements on rosters.

CMO Roster Agreement

The shame is that talks in Engineering were progressing quite well until LUL decided almost randomly that they would impose a solution. Now we have managers jumping on the bandwagon with rosters that they’ve wanted for years such as on the Bakerloo and Victoria Line track, which have never even been proposed to your functional union reps, let alone discussed. The truth is that Signal Staff went on strike for that agreement, which in effect made rosters an issue of Negotiation. LUL cannot be allowed to rip up our agreements.

What did other companies get this year?

Network Rail 2% (gone to referendum)

Thales 1.68%

DLR 2% (referendum)

MP’s 10%


Ballot papers MUST be returned by June 30th

If you haven’t received a ballot paper please contact RMT membership department 0800 376 0376


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